Get To Know Shibnobi
According to the official web site, Shibnobi vows to change the crypto space making it safe, fair, and more informative for the crypto community and vetted projects. They are currently Developing 4 Major Projects: Multi-chain Dex ‘Dojoswap’, ‘Kusari Blockchain’ (K-Chain), Inbuilt 2FA ‘Katana Wallet’ and the ‘Dojoverse’, a P2E Virtual Ecosystem.  Get To Know Crypto has high hopes for this amazing project, their community and their leader Cliff Fettner.

This is a new alt coin that is setting the standard for all coins to come with a level of transparency and activity unseen by other projects.  This is is one of the few opportunities in crypto to get in on a project that is still in the early stages and still has the ability to make you a millionaire, in time. ~ Editor at Get To Know Crypto

This Shibnobi Burn Playlist is NOT AFFILIATED with the Official Shibnobi Token, this project was started by Capone De Leon a current Diamond Hand Holder of Shibnobi in an effort to give back to the community that he is now a part of. This is done solely to help promote a project Capone believes in. Cliff or any of the other Dev’s on the team have nothing to do with this burn project.