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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Sends a New Cryptic Message to Community Via This Partner

Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has conveyed a new cryptic message to the community through its official AI partner Bad Idea (BAD). 

Kusama dropped the cryptic post on Bad Idea’s official Telegram group in commemoration of the project’s first anniversary. 

Kusama’s Latest Exchange with Bad Idea Community

While Kusama was active in the group, Bad Idea community members used the opportunity to make certain requests and inquiries. 

Notably, a comment from a Bad Idea community member named Eshan attracted Kusama’s attention. According to Eshan, the community hopes to see him play a more supportive role in the Bad Idea project. 

Kusama responded to this request with a cryptic message, which reads: 

“The sun is bright. You can feel the rays on your skin. The moon is subtle but brightens the night.” 

Interestingly, the official Bad Idea X handle shared Kusama’s comment on the social media platform. The handle also gave a big shout-out to Kusama for “dropping into” its official Telegram group to commemorate its one-year anniversary. Bad Idea mentioned that it carries the SHIB flag. 

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Bad Community Reacts 

In the meantime, Kusama’s comment has elicited some bullish reactions in the group. Overall, his comment has received 29 bullish emojis, including fire, heart, and thumbs up.  

As expected, both Bad Idea and Shiba Inu community members have been attempting to decode the true meaning of Kusama’s cryptic message. 

Interestingly, Eshan deciphered the message to suggest that fathers illuminate the path to their children’s future by offering early support. In turn, the children reciprocate by assisting when they reach old age. 

Bad Idea 1

Some users wished Kusama provided more clarity about his future plans for Bad Idea, including upcoming exchange listings among others. Nonetheless, others suggest that his surprise visit to the Bad Idea Telegram group shows the project is part of the plan. 

Bad Idea 2
Bad Idea 2

Bad Idea Commemorate First Anniversary 

Meanwhile, Bad Idea is still celebrating its first anniversary, which started on May 5. The AI-focused project provided insight into some of the milestones it achieved in the first year, which includes positioning itself as an innovative leader in the crypto sector. 

Bad Idea introduced various initiatives to commemorate its one-year anniversary, including launching a buyback program and publishing a new series of columns from community members, reflecting on the project’s impact over the past year. 

For context, Bad Idea became Shiba Inu’s official AI partner last year. Both projects have benefited immensely from the partnership. In particular, Shiba Inu’s Shibarium projects gained free listings in the training model of Bad Idea’s AI chatbot. 

Notably, Bad Idea’s affiliation with Shiba Inu saw the project’s token listed on multiple crypto exchanges, including Poloniex. Bad Idea currently has a customized Tangem wallet, thanks to its affiliation with Shiba Inu. 

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