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Shiba Inu (SHIB) unveils new features for Shiba Eternity game

A major player in the cryptocurrency realm, Shiba Inu, has recently released fresh information concerning its upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) collectible card game, Shiba Eternity. The game, to be released on the blockchain platform Shibarium, is said to have some novel features that will engage the users. Using the social media platform X, Lucie, the head of marketing for Shiba Inu, announced that the game would introduce the ability to earn the new reward token, TREAT, by playing.

The game’s integration into the Shibarium network is remarkable in that it allows users to employ Bone ShibaSwap for transaction fees, which are a key part of the game’s operations. This integration with Shibarium is meant to improve functionality and streamline transactions within the developed game.

Shiba eternity enhances game with NFTs

Shiba  Eternity is improving its gameplay by incorporating NFTs with an emphasis on Shiboshi, which the players need to own to unlock certain game aspects and receive rewards. Lucie pointed out that having Shiboshi would be necessary for those players who aim to capitalize on their earnings and participate in particular game activities that give out prices. Further, the introduction of the SHEboshis (SHEB) token in the game plays a critical role, especially in reproducing new virtual puppies using the DN404 standard.

Using NFTs strategically in this sense helps to enhance player engagement and make the players a part of the larger Shiba Inu ecosystem. The fact that a token like SHEB also has a dual function of breeding other games and serving various other typical game functions speaks of a well-thought-out strategy for improving the game’s attractiveness and applicability.

Shiba Inu game to boost token value

The soon-to-come deployment of Shiba Eternity on Shibarium is also aimed at backing the already ongoing Shiba Inu burn campaign. A portion of transaction fees, which are earned from the game, will be used to buy and burn SHIB tokens, which may make these tokens more valuable as their supply decreases. This action is in line with Shiba Inu’s strategy to increase the value of its tokens and involve the community in the long-term development of the ecosystem.

As the development team, which includes leading entertainment company PlaySide Studio, heads towards beta testing in Q2 2024, excitement is growing. Resolving crucial bugs during this stage is considered the key to the successful release of the Shibarium mainnet. The mainnet launch date, however, has yet to be confirmed, but rumors say it may occur later this year, which will be a big event for Shiba Inu and its community.

The evolution of Shiba Eternity from a non-blockchain version that was launched in October 2022 to a blockchain-based P2E model demonstrates Shiba Inu’s continuous improvement, feedback-oriented approach, and ability to follow gaming trends. The embedding of strategic features such as NFT ownership and token utility in the gameplay represents the blend of contemporary technology with old-time gaming elements, set out to change the dynamics of interaction in the play-to-earn arena.

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