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User Discloses Profit by Holding Shiba Inu Rather than Cash in Bank

Data shows the most resilient Shiba Inu holders command an astonishing ROI of 1,865,428% today compared to risk-averse savings account holders.

Shiba Inu remains a widely followed cryptocurrency, with its holders numbering in the millions—surpassing the population of over 105 cities in the United States separately. SHIB gained prominence amid its meme-inspired origin, generating significant profits for hold.

However, during market downturns, meme cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu tend to experience sharper declines than other crypto asset classes. For instance, the seventh largest crypto XRP crashed 10% from $0.53 to $0.48 between April 21 and May 1. During the same time, Shiba Inu collapsed by 26.22%.

This raises the question of whether investing in tokens like Shiba Inu, or in cryptocurrencies in general, is advisable compared to the more conservative strategy of depositing money in a bank to accrue interest, which carries lower risks of capital depletion.

Shiba Inu Investment Compared to Bank

Business Insider’s latest findings indicate that the typical annual percentage yield (APY) of standard U.S. savings accounts varies between 0.01% and 0.3%. Digital banking platforms such as Bask Bank and UFB Direct provide more substantial APYs as high as 5.25%.

Still, these rates are modest compared to the returns from holding Shiba Inu over the previous year. An individual who bought into Shiba Inu precisely one year ago for $0.000009379 would now see an impressive gain of 158%, with the asset’s current value at $0.00002509.

Meanwhile, the investment experienced significant volatility throughout the year, including a drop of over 30% when the price fell to $0.000006555.

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Conversely, the investment also surged over 400% at its peak when SHIB reached $0.000045. Overall, at its current value, Shiba Inu holders retain more than double their investment a year later. Remarkably, the profit from holding Shiba Inu widens the more an individual holds on to the asset.

An investor with 340% ROI after 783 Days of Holding SHIB

A pseudonymous X user recently highlighted that he held Shiba Inu for 783 days, approximately two years and 50 days. Technically, this individual entered the SHIB market during the bear season, yet he disclosed a return of approximately 340%.

He emphasized that if he had saved the funds in the bank, his profit would have been 5%, overlooking the effects of inflation.

Longest Holders with 1,865,428% Gains

Interestingly, according to CoinMarketCap data, investors who have never liquidated their Shiba Inu investments since their first acquisition in 2020 will command a staggering ROI of 1,865,428% today. This implies that even a $100 invested in Shiba Inu four years ago now amounts to nearly $2 million.

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