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Shiba Inu layer 3 blockchain will energize blockchain landscape

According to the chairman of Cypher Capital, the community’s passion and support are essential for the success of any blockchain project. Despite a turbulent and challenging 2023, Shiba Inu remains committed to their vision of creating an inclusive cryptosystem. The company is actively designing a new privacy-focused layer 3 blockchain, concurrently developing its metaverse and layer 2 chain.

The month prior, Shiba Inu achieved a $12 million fundraising goal via the sale of its TREAT token, which serves as the governance token for its layer 3 blockchain. Bill Qian spoke eloquently about the upcoming days of meme coins, layer 3, and Shiba Inu’s proactive role in revitalizing the future of decentralized governance.

Investing in Shiba Inu is consistent with Cypher Capital’s overarching objective of harnessing the boundless potential of the cryptocurrency sector. Shiba Inu’s novel strategy of establishing a network state and constructing Layer 3 intrigued Cypher Capital and other prominent cryptocurrency firms. One aspect that sets Shiba Inu apart from its rivals is that the crypto industry still needs to comprehensively examine the concept of Layer 3 construction and network state generation. Cypher Capital and other leading cryptocurrency firms are intrigued by the opportunity to explore novel models.

Shiba Inu is highly interested in creating a lively community, fostering tactical cooperation, and advocating inclusive government. Cypher Capital hopes that Shiba Inu will spark a movement that will add new dimensions to the financial and decentralized governance sectors. Bill Qian feels that community interaction is an important aspect of the success of meme coins. Shiba is one of the most popular decentralized initiatives, backed by a vast community of over one million on-chain holders.

An active community centered on Shiba contributes to the project’s ongoing development and evolution and enhances awareness and adoption rates. Shiba Inu has exhibited its capacity to foster a vibrant community in support of its memecoin. Shiba Inu’s team has been focused on creative innovations in the crypto world while also reaffirming its status as a top-rated crypto coin. Cypher Capital is excited about the real-world uses of blockchain networks, particularly with the introduction of Shiba Inu’s Layer 3 blockchain. Shiba Inu has several potential to provide practical solutions inside the blockchain ecosystem.

Bill Qian is confident that a layered approach has the potential to transform the development and operation of dApps. The smart feature of layer 3 blockchain is that developers will be able to optimize each layer for its intended objective while taking advantage of the strengths of other blockchain networks. In order to meet their unique requirements, modern Web3 games develop and implement their own layer 3 solutions for chains. Layers 1 and 2 already exist, so they can take use of their scalability and security.

Bill Qian envisions that every layer 3 blockchain results in flexibility in development, great efficiency, and the utilization of dApps. Although layer 3 blockchain offers a big opportunity, there are a few potential challenges, like infrastructure growth and interoperability between layer 3 and its predecessor layers.

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