How to Help the Bitcoin Community in Brazil Floods

The federal government installed a crisis office to closely monitor the situation with the rains that hit Rio Grande do Su, Brazil. The level of the Guaíba River reached its highest level since 1941, with more rain expected.

To date, more than 37 people have died, and more than 70 have been injured as storms have hit at least 235 municipalities. Among them is one of the most Bitcoiner cities in Brazil, Rolante.

Local authorities issued an alert and asked people in risk areas to leave. For instance, in Porto Alegre, the mayor declared a public calamity. As a result, the “Bitcoin é Aqui” community created a campaign to raise resources and funds to help Rolante and the more than 352 thousand people affected.

For now, the situation is still critical. Four dams are in emergency, and another nine are in a state of attention. In short, this means that if the rains continue, the water will continue to devastate hundreds of cities in the country’s south.

BeInCrypto spoke to a resident of Rolante who said the situation is very difficult.

“We need everything. However, the most serious situation is that of the city’s hospitals. We are without any type of service. If someone has a heart attack, there’s no way to respond,” Maria da Silva told BeInCrypto

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Da Silva, who is now a volunteer, works on cleaning and rebuilding the city, and is appealing to the public to send equipment and water, among other things, urgently.

“If you have a company and want to donate supplies, cleaning materials, mattresses, medicines, tarpaulins and everything needed at this moment, get in touch by inbox and express your idea,” da Silva added.

How to Help During Brazil Floods?

It is possible to send donations in Brazilian Real and Bitcoin. These are the addresses:

  • PIX: 51.299.707/0001-81
  • BITCOIN via Lightning: [email protected]
  • BITCOIN via onchain: bc1q4w3mc5uztsznk6v64hwj097umr3p4cepayt6d3

The director of Rolante Hospital also made an appeal for help. The first floor was completely flooded, explains Luis Genaro Ladereche Figoli, who manages the institution. The water reached emergency sectors, specialty centers, hospitalization areas, radiology, and pharmacy, among other essential areas.

Genaro says he does not expect to resume the hospital’s activities in the short term because most of the equipment has been destroyed. The health institution is asking for equipment and cleaning materials donations.

Resident Uses Traceable Crypto Wallets

A resident of Santa Maria called Gerin.ETF took to X (formerly Twitter) to ask for donations for the city of 300,000 inhabitants.

“This week the situation got worse and it has already been declared the ‘Worst natural disaster that has ever occurred here in the south,’ it continues to rain every day, the markets are without products, as the roads are impassable, more than half of the city ​​without water, apart from many establishments closed due to lack of product/water and simply MANY people without a home… After this time without any improvement, I decided to run this campaign in order to help as many people as possible, we need to show our strength as WEB3,” Gerin said.

Furthermore, Gerin.ETH has committed to donating the money to institutions that are helping with the tragedy, posting invoices, and recording the delivery of donations. He made three trackable web3 categories available.

  • Chave pix: 3fafb39d-d6b2-45fb-ac5b-83cd009bddbc (BANCO INTER
  • Receive EVM (possible for L2 USDC/USDT): 0xff35352F229F0275c0A0FFe727956d4b80DFDE74
  • Sol Key (if possible donate USDC/USDT): 7Ke8usysxqmytwBnmhewaePyQFBCuFFmnFmiXNk9CNX1

Government Warns Against Scams

Finally, the state government created the SOS floods page. There, anyone can find information on how to volunteer and what and how to donate.

Pix: CNPJ: 92.958.800/0001-38
Banco do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul

Attention: when carrying out the operation, confirm that the name of the account that appears is “SOS Rio Grande do Sul” and that the bank is Banrisul. 


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