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Shiba Inu’s Potential 500% Price Surge, Investors Shift Focus to Monero Rival

At a time when the crypto community seems to be smitten by investing in BTC ETFs, altcoins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) are giving people an alternative to expand their gains. The canine-themed meme coin has been performing exceptionally well after releasing important development upgrades.

These developments included its new marketing campaign that involves a massive hoarding at New York’s Times Square and a record surge in active addresses. Shiba Inu is also making waves because it is now available on Singapore’s largest exchange Coinhako. According to analysts, these events have the potential to boost Shiba Inu’s price by almost 500%. 

The other altcoin that has impressed crypto enthusiasts is InQubeta (QUBE). The Ethereum-powered platform connects AI startups with investors, mentors, and advisors. Using its services, startups can look forward to scaling their AI projects with more confidence. 

InQubeta: The perfect success plan for AI startups

InQubeta is a dynamic platform for startups that helps them raise funds and expand their businesses. The platform has a native cryptocurrency, the QUBE token, which determines all transactions inside the ecosystem. 

The platform has charmed its way into the DeFi sector with a cutting-edge model and presale success. Its cryptocurrency ICO has so far raised $11.7 million.

Rated one of the best altcoins for 2023, a trend continuing in 2024, the QUBE token plays an important role in the platform’s operations. Token holders are considered gatekeepers of the InQubeta ecosystem thanks to their voting privileges. 

If a change is suggested by a community member, it is put to a vote where all token holders participate while using their special rights. The mechanism ensures that all proposals are reviewed carefully before being implemented. 

While running a startup might be a tough nut to crack, earning with cryptocurrencies isn’t. Even the most amateur users can earn steady passive income with the QUBE token through its staking service. Users stake their tokens to sustain ecosystem development and secure the network. 

For as long as the token is staked, its owners will be earning rewards. InQubeta’s staking service stands out because the team has created an exclusive reserve to give out these rewards. The reserve is financed with tax proceeds.

DEX Serai to list Monero on its platform 

Monero has kept up with its growth trajectory despite the entry of multiple new altcoins in 2024. The privacy-centric cryptocurrency leverages features like anonymous addresses and Ring CT transactions to ensure secure operations. 

Transactions made with its native token XMR are validated with its proof-of-work consensus. 

The platform was recently in the news after Serai, a crypto exchange currently live on testnet, announced that it would be listing the XMR token on its network. 

It offers liquidity pool-based trading and offers a Web 3.0 wallet secured by multi-signature verification. 

Proposal to float Shiba Inu ETF gathers 5,200 signatures

Shiba In is a dog-themed meme coin inspired by the Japanese dog breed of the same name. 

Its minimalist interface makes it an ideal option for supporting generational wealth.

The platform’s utility token is SHIB but there are two other cryptocurrencies, BONE and LEASH, available on its network. Analysts have predicted a potential rise of 500% for SHIB as it has plans to release major marketing campaigns to take advantage of the current bull rally. 

While BONE is used for governance, LEASH is meant to reward long-time supporters of the Shiba Inu ecosystem. LEASH holders are eligible for exclusive perks, discounts, and access to special events. 

The meme coin was recently in the news after a group of Shiba Inu fans sent a proposal to Grayscale Investment CEO Michael Sonnenshien and urged him to roll out a Shiba Inu ETF. The proposals collected over 5,200 signatures. The digital asset management firm launched a spot crypto ETF in January in the US. 


InQubeta, Monero, and Shiba Inu are among the top cryptos to invest in today’s market and have months’ of growth to show for it. 

These coins have maintained their momentum even when the market was on shaky grounds. Experts attribute their resilience to a robust code architecture that makes them flexible and scalable. These coins and their user-friendly interface have helped people shed their inhibitions and more retail investors are now exploring cryptocurrencies. 

While Monero offers high-end privacy to individuals making online payments, Shiba Inu is a Web 3.0 ecosystem with a fun side. InQubeta, on the other hand, is a platform dedicated to helping AI startups raise funds and expand operations.

Armed with a stringent security framework, these tokens can stimulate crypto portfolios along with diversifying them.

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