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Shiba Inu Price History Hints at Double-Digit Gains in April

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Shiba Inu enthusiasts: brace yourselves as the curtain falls on March, leaving behind a trail of remarkable gains for the beloved meme-inspired cryptocurrency. With an impressive surge of around 150% in its price this month, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has undoubtedly captured the attention of investors worldwide. This surge marks one of the most successful months for SHIB in recent years.

Notably, SHIB’s current price hovers above $0.00003 per token, a pinnacle not witnessed since February 2022, painting a promising picture for its future trajectory. However, as the cryptocurrency world braces for the onset of April, questions linger about what lies ahead for Shiba Inu.

SHIB to USD by CoinMarketCap

Delving into historical data provided by CryptoRank, anticipation brews as April historically showcases a mix of fortunes for SHIB. While the average return for April stands at an enticing 13.7%, the median value remains somewhat subdued at -6.41%.

SHIB Monthly Returns by CryptoRank

Despite this, glimpses of optimism emerge as we recall Shiba Inu’s impressive rally in April 2021, where it soared by an astonishing 69.4%. Yet caution must be exercised, as the past two Aprils witnessed SHIB’s price tumbling by margins ranging from 6.4% to 22%.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge the limitations of relying solely on historical data. With SHIB’s relatively short existence in the crypto realm, the sample size for analysis remains small, rendering predictions uncertain. Moreover, the crypto market’s notorious volatility adds another layer of complexity, with unforeseen events capable of disrupting even the most meticulously crafted forecasts.

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