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Here’s Potential Timeline For Shiba Inu to Hit $0.025

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is projected to hit the 2.5 cents ($0.025) price mark in the next 16 years.

Shiba Inu is one of the digital currencies with the biggest hype. Amid this hype, proponents are optimistic that despite its very low price at the moment, the chances it will hit unprecedented milestones in the future are high.

The effort is being expended to achieve this goal as the core developers in the ecosystem strive to push out new products across the board.

There are a ton of forecasts on Shiba Inu’s price, with one of the conservative ones noting a drop to a minimum of $0.00000811 and a maximum price of $0.00001 level this month. With this projection for the short term, let’s dive into what experts believe the future holds for SHIB.

Telegaon Forecast on 2.5 Cent SHIB Timeline

There are some who believe Shiba Inu may not survive the coming decades, as competition and government regulations might impact its survival. Conversely, there are proponents who are convinced of Shiba Inu’s long-term growth due to its prospects to evolve with market trends.

Drawing on these long-term prospects, crypto prediction platform Telegaon has shed insights on the possibility of the token touching the 2.5 cents price mark. In its forecast, the platform believes Shiba Inu may not cross the massively bullish threshold until 2035 to 2040. 

The platform projects that the maximum price of Shiba Inu by 2035 will come in at $0.00216, a price that will grow to a minimum of $0.054 for the token by 2040. If this projection is to be leaned on for the Shiba Inu price, then the 2.5 cents ($0.025) benchmark might not come until the next 16 years.

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Ample Time to Put Things in Order

Shiba Inu, in its current state, has little chance of surpassing its previous All-Time High (ATH) of $0.00008845. This is because the circulating supply is too large to make any appreciable price gain realistic in the short term.

The 16-year projection for SHIB to touch 2.5 cents is feasible, as the project will have ample time to trim off a large chunk of this supply through aggressive burns.

At the time of writing, the price and market capitalization of XRP is down 0.92% to $0.000009295 and $5,478,723,472, while trading volume registered a 5.4% uptick to $126,867,874.

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