Ethereum Insider Takes Shots At ETH Founders, Calls Buterin An ‘Idiot’ And Lubin A ‘Sociopath

Ethereum Insider and former advisor Steven Nerayoff recently touched on his time working with Ethereum founders Vitalik Buterin and Joe Lubin. As part of his comments, Nerayoff used certain adjectives to describe the duo while also revealing some things they had both done to dampen his reputation.

Vitalik An “Idiot” And Lubin A “Sociopath”

Nerayoff stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post that he thought Vitalik was an “idiot” and Lubin a “sociopath.” He further questioned the former’s capabilities, stating that Vitalik being a “calculator” doesn’t mean he can build a protocol. Meanwhile, The Ethereum insider believed Lubin was a sociopath, which was a major reason he left him after starting ConsenSys

Giving further insights into his time working with Vitalik and Lubin, the former Ethereum advisor mentioned that he started getting “bad vibes,” especially when he was reviewing the “entire organization to save it.” This was what reportedly prompted him to keep a record of everything, including key conversations

Nerayoff wasn’t on the technical side, so he said that he didn’t have “concrete info” on what was going on in the Ethereum ecosystem then. However, that has changed, as he claims that, due to his research and having to defend himself in court, he is well aware of what Vitalik and Lubin have done. By trying to take him out, “they created their worst nightmare,” Nerayoff said.  

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How Ethereum Founders Created Their Worst Nightmare

Nerayoff alleged that Vitalik and Lubin had tried to imprison him for helping them. Nerayoff is known to have been charged by the Department of Justice (DOJ) for extortion, although it was later dropped for lack of sufficient evidence. As such, he seemed to have been suggesting that Vitalik and Lubin had a hand in the legal ordeal he went through. 

This could explain why the former Ethereum advisor is on a mission to get justice and see that the Ethereum founders are brought to book. Before now, Nerayoff had threatened to expose “criminals on a magnitude that is unprecedented.” Then, his remarks suggested that Vitalik Buterin was one of the criminals he was referring to. 

In a more recent statement, Nerayoff highlighted how Vitalik had obtained a Montenegro passport, noting that the country happens to be one of the foremost non-extradition countries. Nerayoff promises that he will soon reveal all the evidence he has against the Ethereum founders.

Despite all the allegations Nerayoff has made, neither Vitalik nor Lubin has yet to come out to deny them. The Ethereum insider stated that this just proves their guilt, as they would have come out to defend themselves if they weren’t. 

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