Tips for Creating the Best Custom Character

With cinematic story modes proving not to be the series’ forte after Street Fighter 5, Capcom decided to take single-player content in a different direction for Street Fighter 6. The new World Tour is arguably similar to Konquest Mode in Mortal Kombat: Deception, but it’s more akin to Like a Dragon meets Saints Row. Players can run around virtual cities like they can in the former, and create their own avatar like the latter.

It’s quite an expansive character creator too, where players can make models nearly on-par with the official cast, or unbelievable monstrosities that make Monster Factory look like the Build-A-Bear Workshop. Either way, players might need help making their creation just right, or wrong as the case may be. In that case, these tips can help them make the best custom character in Street Fighter 6.

6 Cosmetic Surgery

Players can make nearly anyone and everyone in Street Fighter 6, thanks to the different body model sliders and options. Body proportions, shapes, sex, and more are all up to the player’s whims. But even after they’ve fiddled with all that, the avatar’s face can look quite plain without some tweaking. Players can use the facial sliders to get these features just right.

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It’s fairly familiar for people who’ve played Saints Row or the WWE games, but careful consideration over the nose size and shape, cheek spacing and outline, etc., can spell the difference between an average avatar and the perfect player character. Just set them to the right digits and they’ll be ready to go.

5 Image Training

SF6 Custom Tips- Genos Comparison

If players are making an established character from other games in the series, or other media in general, it can be tricky getting them right from memory alone. Everyone knows Final Fight’s Mike Haggar is a giant muscleman with a big mustache. So is his real-life basis Jesse Ventura, his blonde equivalent Hulk Hogan, Cromartie High School’s Freddie, and more.

As such, it might help to have a picture of the character on hand to compare to when sliding their proportions around. That way, they can better resemble the character and make them more distinct. This is more for players who really want to go all-out on their creation, though it can be fun seeing how SF6 translates stylized anime or comic characters into the game.

4 Fit The Body To The Fighting Style

SF6 Custom Tips- Strange Body

It’s best to keep in mind how big or small the character will be, and how that’ll affect their gameplay. It’s not too big of a concer,n as the player can learn the rest of the roster’s moves no matter how big or small they are. A character could be as big as Marisa but move like Lily, or vice-versa.

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However, big bodies are easier to hit. Without armor moves, it can be easy for foes to stop them mid-move with a sturdy poke. On the other hand, small characters will lack the heft to stun or make dents in their health bar. Once the character is ready to take to the streets, it’s best to seek out masters to find the right moves to make them a force to be reckoned with.

3 Long Limbs For Big Wins

SF6 Custom Tips- Long Limbs

A quick way to get sturdy is to give the character lengthy limbs. They won’t break the game, though they will give the player character a little edge over the Mad Gear goons and other mooks. For example, Lily isn’t particularly high on the tier list (for now), but giving her spinning war club moves to someone with extra reach makes them more of a risk to would-be opponents.

The same goes for legs and the game’s different kick moves. Juri and Chun-Li are formidable enough with enough practice, let alone if someone with extra reach took their best skills. That said, all these moves still require skill no matter how far the player can reach. So, as good as one’s Bayonetta model can look, they’ll still have to practice.

2 Makeup Or Break Up

SF6 Custom Tips- Hair Color

Even after all that, the character might not look quite right. Maybe the skin texture isn’t quite on the money, or the hair and eyes are different. This can be sorted out with the feature options. Players can apply makeup if they want to smooth out their character’s face or embolden certain features with different colors.

For example, Fletchyboyo on Reddit made a good-looking version of Genos from One Punch Man by smoothing out the face, changing the eye and sclera color, and painting the body just right to resemble Saitama’s cyborg protégé. Players can also color hair in two different shades. Sadly, the game only offers natural skin color options, so while it’s possible to make Urien, players can’t make his red-and-blue brother Gill.

1 Save Time With Presets Or Recipes

SF6 Custom Tips- Custom Recipe Download

Ultimately, if the player just wants to make a character as fast as possible or get the best model without having to fiddle with the sliders and features directly, there are shortcuts. There are preset proportions for players to pick and make a quick custom character in one go. Even better, players can share their custom characters to the web as recipe codes for others to download.

To do this, players just input their code on the Download Recipe tab, then they’ll instantly get the model they’re looking for. There’s already a broad range of figures to choose from, like the aforementioned Genos, Kratos from God of War, Daenerys from Game of Thrones, The Terminator, and more. It’s just a case of tracking down their codes, which aren’t hard to find.

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