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Best AI cryptocurrencies to invest in: Shiba Memu, SingularityNET

  • Artificial intelligence is the biggest theme in the market this year.

  • Most companies have unveiled their artificial intelligence plans.

  • Shiba Memu and SingularityNET are some of the best AI coins.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become the fastest-growing technology in the world. In the corporate scene, companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, and have seen their stocks surge this year. Nvidia, a GPU manufacturer, has seen its market cap surge to over $1 trillion.

Many companies have unveiled their AI plans. Microsoft has launched a suite of AI tools, including Copilot. On Tuesday, the company revealed pricing of these products, with a monthly subscription of Copilot going for $30. Google has launched Bard while Elon Musk has launched xAI. In this article, we will look at the best AI cryptocurrencies to buy.

Shiba Memu (SHMU)

Shiba Memu is a new cryptocurrency that has a lot of potential. Currently in presale, the developers have raised almost $1 million in less than three weeks. This makes it one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies this year.

Shiba Memu, as you can see in this white paperis a cryptocurrency that is at the intersection of two trends: artificial intelligence and meme coins. As the name suggests, the token as inspired by Shiba Inuthe second-biggest meme coin in the world. 

Shiba Memu will have some AI tools. For one, it will be the first crypto platform to use AI to market itself. In this, the network will learn new marketing strategies, create its own press releases, and promote itself across all popular social networks. The goal is to create a platform that is self-reliant and transparent in the market.

All this content will be shown in the intuitive Shiba Memu dashboard. This dashboard will show the performance of its content and identify key trends.

There are three main reasons why Shiba Memu’s token will do well. First, as mentioned, it is in the two popular industries this year. Second, the token has the momentum it needs to become the next big thing. In this, it has raised over $977k within a few days. Finally, it could jump because of the macro element since America’s inflation is falling.

You can buy the Shiba Meme token here.

SingularityNET (AGIX)

SingularityNET is another AI-focused cryptocurrency to buy. AGIX, its ecosystem token, is one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies this year, having gained by over 500%. 

SingularityNET is a Cardanobased blockchain that is creating a platform for decentralized artificial intelligence. Its ecosystem is made up of projects that are changing the industry in a large scale.

For example, there is, a platform that is focused on longevity research. It has built a decentralized network of researchers, clinicians, and data contributors. 

Other parts of the network’s ecosystem are Awakening Health, SingularityDAO, Cogito, and Nunet. Cogito is building a new class of digital assets known as tracercoins that leverage risk-weighted reserves and AI-powered stabilization.

SingularityNET is a good AI coin to invest for two main reasons. First, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, it has a real ecosystem that is growing. Second, the token has a proven track record of performance. 

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