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Will Anarchy (ANA) Be the Next 100x Coin?

Summer in the crypto market has brought several bullish trends, particularly on Litecoin, with its upcoming halving event. Litecoin holders are holding onto their tokens in anticipation of price spikes, and crypto investors will be looking forward to what comes out  of the event.

But Litecoin’s not the only platform offering its users hope of profits this summer. A new memecoin, Anarchy, is preparing a one-of-a-kind launch, as its presale has taken over the crypto news lately. It’s providing more real-world utility than most meme coins offer, and crypto analysts are backing the project to take over the meme coin sector.


What does Anarchy have in store for its users? Will it live up to its potential? Hang in there–we have answers for you!

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Litecoin Halving Event To Bring Back Bullish Trends

Litecoin started off as a fork of the Bitcoin protocol in 2011. Forks are spin-offs from existing protocols when an irreversible upgrade goes wrong. Litecoin has since been in the elite coin’s shadow, even as it has been surviving the various market trends.

Litecoin often depends on speculation to make significant price changes, and nothing gets bigger than its halving event. The halving will reduce all block rewards by half while increasing buyer momentum. The momentum is expected to cause bullish action on Litecoin’s charts, and LTC holders hope for such change. However, LTC has not been remarkable in the past few days, with all the spikes and falls leaving its trading value at $97.53.

But all that’s for the altcoin, as Anarchy’s not affected by the bobs and crashes in the crypto space. The meme is in a league of its own in the meme sector, gaining a massive following with its presale. Whales from rival meme communities are dumping their tokens for more profitable projects. And Anarchy’s presale is just as good as they get, with experts backing the coin for a 200X profit margin by launch time.

Get ready for Anarchy!

Anarchy: The Next Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu’s rally was only a short while ago when the meme coin was the toast of the bull market in 2021. Anarchy intends to mirror the fluffy meme’s success today, and, to be honest, it’s getting there. 

Meme coin whales dumping their communities for Anarchy can only mean one thing. There’s a lot to gain from being on the Anarchy train, and here are some of its spectacular features.

Meme coins have been known for being docile in their approach to scaling up. In fact, the ‘pump-and-dump’ notion developed because they don’t offer much more than trendy profits and memes. Hence, users seem to desert them after a few weeks of investment.

Anarchy will be different, as it seeks to change the status quo in the crypto-verse. The token will call out governments for corruption using its memes and jokes. The memes will serve dual purposes, too, as they will be useful for entertainment within the cryptocurrency market. Apparently, you don’t only get to laugh at Anarchy–there’s a real-life application too.

Burning of tokens is fast becoming a trend among platforms with huge token supplies. The procedure helps to reduce the number of available coins for sale, which helps conserve the value of such tokens. Anarchy’s here to stay, so its developers have automated its system to burn 0.5% of its transactions. This will preserve $ANA’s value and promote its longevity.

Anarchy will exist on Ethereum’s blockchain, where the coin will enjoy the best security in the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum’s blockchain also gives Anarchy’s developers access to several DApps that can help upgrade the platform as it is necessary. 

On top of all that, Anarchy will enjoy access to Ethereum’s user traffic, promoting the token’s popularity in the crypto-verse. All in all, Anarchy’s Ethereum launch benefits the users and the token itself.

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Anarchy’s Presale: Time to Get Started!

The Anarchy presale is underway and well on its way to a million dollars in revenue. As we stated earlier, whales and investors are drifting towards the platform, especially following analysts’ beliefs that the token could bring 20,000% profits for its earliest investors.

Getting to the presale website early is the key to qualifying for that boon. Wondering where that is? Click here to get your $ANA at $0.00021 today and anticipate Anarchy’s meme paradise! 

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