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This New Memecoin Is Poised to Skyrocket 2000% On Uniswap Outpacing Giants Like Dogecoin (Doge) And Shiba Inu (Shib)

Every industry evolves with time for better solutions. DigiToads is looking to build on the work of earlier memecoins like Dogecoin by injecting utility into this space.

Most crypto traders remember the Dogecoin price explosion in 2019 vividly. This asset went from being a fringe internet movement to one of the most prominent cryptocurrencies on exchanges like Uniswap. Unfortunately, most memecoins that use this model also have periods of significant market correction because holders have nothing else to do apart from speculative trading. 

Accordingly, DigiToads is looking to achieve a different outcome. The project is currently conducting a presale for a utility gaming ecosystem. DigiToads has raised over $6 million so far, indicating investor enthusiasm even as it heads for launch on 21st August 2023.

Dogecoin and Shiba Inu may have hit a ceiling

When Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer launched Dogecoin in 2013, they could never dream of how much hype it would get years later. After all, this project was a parody of Bitcoin that took after the popular Shiba Inu dog meme on the internet. 

DOGE had six relatively slow years before exploding in 2019. This period saw the project get internet traction, and a boost from Tesla CEO Elon Musk, rising an astonishing 18,000 in a year before correcting slightly, but still enough to make many holders millionaires. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) launched in 2020, seeking to recreate the magic but not nearly with the success of Dogecoin. Both projects are pure memecoins, meaning that they are cryptocoins that run solely on the popularity of the meme and have no utility or roadmap. 

In the tough market since early 2022, these memecoins have shown little progress. Accordingly, DigiToads is taking a different route instead of just becoming another Dogecoin copycat looking to cash in on the hype.

The utility of DigiToads (TOADS) 

DigiToads sought to take a different path from Shiba Inu. This project revolves around a gaming ecosystem that utilizes the play-to-earn model. Users have an incentive to participate and earn rewards in TOADS tokens. This structure ensures that TOADS can serve more than merely a speculative function. 

The presale is at the ninth of ten purposeful stages. Each stage has had a price increase, with the current stage seeing TOADS go for $0.047. This mark means that the project has had a 370% return on investment, with the return exceeding 400% in the last stage when the tenth stage commences. The presale ends on 15th August, 2023 after which the much anticipated launch comes on 21st August.

The launch price of $0.055 is a baseline for what could be a meteoric rise after. Early investors will have already made 450% on their initial token purchase, with this token poised to go as high as 2,000% trading on Uniswap.

This mark will be credited to the bold directional decisions of the development team. The idea is to get users actively participating in the ecosystem. DigiToads also provides users with the opportunity to mint and stake NFTs on the platform. The staking can commence from 21st August 2023, with minting now possible at 



Great innovators don’t imitate an idea that has run its course. Dogecoin will remain relevant, but projects that copy its model will likely plateau. DigiToads has taken a different path in creating something unique for its community and the entire sector. 

The gaming ecosystem is launching on 21st August 2023 to bring this utility to the broader market. As gamers explore the in-game features, investors will continue to acquire TOADS tokens and see if it can gain 1000 or even 2000% as a return on investment. This project has picked momentum at the right time, even as it seeks to transform this sector forever. 

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