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Shiba Inu, Anarchy (ANA), and Floki Inu. Why Anarchy is Investors’ Top Choice

If the crypto-verse were a college classroom, meme coins would be the life of the party. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer definitely had the lightbulb moment when he brought jokes and memes into crypto trading. The trading scene now has a better outlook, thanks to the many meme coin projects: first, Dogecoin, then its brood. 

Despite initial skepticism about how sustainable meme coins could be, they have been relatively resilient over the years. Shiba Inu and Floki Inu have made quite an impression with their launches and protocols. 

The good news is, Anarchy ($ANA) is here to switch up the meme coin game! It will raise the standards for meme coins and take meme use cases to the next level. 

How, you may be wondering? Stay tuned.

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Shiba Inu Falling On Hard Times

Despite its remarkable post-launch success, Shiba Inu has yet to meet expectations regarding token value and projects. Agreed, the token is quite popular in the cryptocurrency market, but it has not entirely managed to convert that popularity into quantifiable results. 

The past few months have been particularly tough for the platform, as its pricing plummeted even worse than last year. All that changed as June ended, as the SHIB coin spiked by a remarkable 8%. No one is certain why, as there was no sizeable token movement on the network, but whales are already accumulating their tokens. A bull run may be on the way for Shiba Inu, and honestly, it couldn’t come at a better time. 

Floki Flexing Its Metaverse Presence With NFT Trade

Floki Inu was always the odd meme coin, especially since its DAO community took over control of the token’s affairs. The protocol is unlike any other meme platform, which proves why it is doing so well. 

The Floki Inu project features a Metaverse game, Valhalla, with an NFT store and an academy to aid newbie traders. The token recently partnered with Binance Pay to increase its reach and expand its user base. So, while meme coins were considered flimsy platforms, Floki’s proving everyone wrong. 

And Anarchy’s here to complete that turnaround. While the token intends to keep the meme culture, it doesn’t intend to follow the old guard. Its protocol also provides for its members, as the coin leads the cause for change.

Here’s all you need to know about Anarchy.

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Anarchy: Why You Should Buy This New Meme Coin of Choice 

The new kid on the meme coin block, Anarchy, wants to cement its name in the crypto-verse by changing how crypto faithful view memes. Of course, we’ll still have memes for jokes, but Anarchy’s giving something extra.

Ever thought of a government policy and felt like criticizing it but didn’t know how? Well, Anarchy’s the project to go for that. The meme coin’s protocol centers on calling out the government for its corruption, poor and anti people policies, and its creative team will be up and about creating and trending such memes for crypto users’ entertainment. 

Now that fun’s settled, let’s get to what more Anarchy offers you.

  • Profits like no other token!

Anarchy $ANA token holders form the DAO, which decides on projects or charity donations that Anarchy invests in. Once these investments yield profits, the DAO gets to share the revenue, according to their holdings. 

The DAO has a treasury where 4.5% of every sale or transfer transaction goes. These funds will be used to finance charitable causes or investment the Anarchy DAO wants to implement.

The Anarchy project caters to its users’ needs, and providing high-level security is one of those. 

The DAO treasury, for instance, will be secured using the Gnosis Safe protocol, which operates a multi-signatory security system to protect the funds from cyber attacks.

The entire Anarchy system will get security from the upgraded Ethereum blockchain, which offers the most secure cryptocurrency trading network. So whether you’re trading long-term or short-term, your funds and transactions are safe on Anarchy.

Anarchy provides the best environment to start a DApp or crypto project at the moment. The token will introduce a new trend to meme applications, opening up opportunities to investors and developers across the DeFi space. 

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Anarchy’s Presale is Underway!

It’s not just memes here. Like Floki Inu, Anarchy diversifies its protocol to include more valuable plans and projects. Of course, you must be worried about how to get in already!

The presale is underway and is open to everyone to get their tokens, at least for now. The $ANA coins sell at $0.00021 currently, but that will change as the presale advances. With about 69 billion tokens up for grabs, everyone has a fighting chance to join the $ANA project.

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