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The cryptocurrency space frequently sports a charged atmosphere, with new projects popping up now and again and older tokens upping their game with the latest upgrades. Top all these with all the unverified crypto advice, and you have a lot of noise. 

Amid the whole drama, most crypto traders are stumped about the most profitable projects to join. Sorting through all the new launches is daunting, and there’s still the fear of rug pulls to consider

For now, there is ANKR and Shiba Inu repping the veterans, while Anarchy ($ANA) stands out among the new tokens. So what makes these projects profitable at the moment? Why should Anarchy be a first-choice investment option for any crypto trader? Stay tuned!

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Shiba Inu’s Turning the Tides and ANKR’s Back in the Headlines

Everyone who’s been trading for years knows that Shiba Inu has been in the worst conditions for a while. The meme coin was launched to challenge the ruling Dogecoin, but it has yet to be able to present sizable competition for Dogecoin.

In fact, Shiba Inu took a downturn in 2023, dipping all through April and May and hitting a new low in June. The investors had been near tears as the losses kept reeling in. However, the token seems to be making quite the comeback, considering data from the past three days. Its price got an 8% surge, and most holders already have decent profits. Exiting their positions will cover for the awful last months. 

On the other hand, ANKR has re-entered the spotlight, launching its Appchain DApp on Microsoft Azure’s marketplace and Ethereum’s blockchain in the same month. The platform is devoted to bridging the financial gap between developers and Web3 by making node building, and DApp launches easier and more affordable for developers. Its launch on Ethereum and Microsoft’s Web3 ecosystem has pooled trading traffic for the official token, as it now trades at an improved $0.02291.

While the veteran tokens are recording successes, Anarchy’s breaking through the records, surpassing its rival meme coins and setting its sights on the top positions in the crypto-verse. Is the new meme coin capable of achieving this feat? 

Yes. How? Let’s find out.

Anarchy: Welcome to the Free World

Anarchy is a meme coin that supports change and wishes to be at the forefront. Strange token? The project will be calling out governmental corruption and criticizing them using cartoon memes and jokes. The creative team will work full-time to ensure maximum reach and engagement across the token’s socials.

But more is needed to answer the profit questions. Here’s more of what Anarchy had to offer you. 

Holding $ANA tokens is your ticket to more profits on Anarchy. The $ANA is an ERC-20 token that governs the Anarchy platform, so holding your coins enables you to vote on community investments and charity activities. 

So when such investments return profits, each user gets their share. Considering the Anarchy’s massive potential, there won’t be a shortage of investment opportunities and revenue for the Anarchy DAO.

  • Community Treasury and Token Burns

Anarchy’s here to stay, and for a long time, too. To that end, the developers have designed the DAO treasury to be self-sufficient, taking 4.5% from every transaction and storing it in the community’s funds. The treasury is safeguarded by the Gnosis Safe protocol, another novel measure to protect the funds from external attacks and frauds. 

As for longevity, Anarchy will burn 0.5% of every transaction to reduce the total token supply. This will increase the token’s value with time, preventing it from fading to the background like most other meme coins. And don’t worry about getting $ANA tokens; about 69 billion coins are available for the presale. 

Ethereum’s blockchain ranks top among the blockchains to host a new token in the crypto-verse today. The recent upgrade to a proof of stake protocol reduced the lagging network, and introducing a layer-2 blockchain has solved the scalability issues.

Anarchy will also enjoy the most extensive market reach on Ethereum’s blockchain, as it hosts a significant fraction of active traders. This will help to increase the token’s trading traffic and popularity. 

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What Else? Anarchy Presale!

The Anarchy presale is on and offering unbeatable deals to its earliest investors. At this stage, your tokens will get you 200 times their current worth at the end of the presale. In other words, Anarchy’s serving a real treat, but only the fastest investors will get it!

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