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Shiba Inu and This New Coin Set to Explode in the Coming Weeks

Nothing delights the crypto market more than a pump alert. Every now and then, a meme coin rally in the market with some unprecedented pump that leaves the entire crypto market in awe. This time, there is more than one. There are two meme coins brimming with promises and ready to explode in a matter of weeks. 

Shiba Inu’s anticipated Shibarium is launching in a few weeks, and its developers are dropping hints all over the place. And it only makes sense that the token has been experiencing price spikes that could result in a bull rush very soon. 

As Shiba Inu breaks the ice with its Shibarium launch announcement, Anarchy is rocking the meme coin scene with its massive presale. The rookie meme coin aims to purge the system with its memes, opening new use cases for meme coin investment.

Here’s what we know about the new token and its utilities.

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Shiba Inu Announces Shibarium Launch: Should I Buy Now?

Shiba Inu launched famously in 2021, making the headlines for weeks and rising to second place on the meme coin charts. The platform has since been quiet, sporting moments of brilliance with not much to show for the hype. 

By Q3 2022, its developers announced an incoming upgrade to the platform, named Shibarium, which will bring innovation to Shiba Inu’s protocol. The news got Shiba Inu investors anticipating, with most big players holding on to their coins until the Shibarium launch. 

A lead developer has confirmed that the launch will take place from August 15th to 16th, 2023, during the Blockchain Futurist Conference. Shibarium’s launch will accompany other SHIB-branded projects like Shibacals and Shiba Eternity. Following the news, Shiba Inu’s SHIB token has increased by 3% in the past ten hours, with a potential bull run looming. 

What does this mean for the newbie Anarchy? Absolutely nothing! Two can play this game, and Anarchy’s not slowing down for Shiba Inu in the race for the top meme token. The Anarchy presale is offering its buyers 200 times their deposits and is pulling users from existing meme coin communities with its massive profits. 

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Buy Anarchy for Massive Profits in 2023

Anarchy’s protocol is taking a rebellious stance, aiming to change the system’s flaws by calling out and criticizing the government’s corruption and poor policymaking. All that change increases the intrigue around the new token, as investors are looking to pitch their tent with Anarchy.

How does Anarchy affect the change it desires? Memes, of course! After all, it’s a meme coin, and its memes will be introducing a new front to jokes and cartoons in the crypto-verse. The creative members will work overtime to create steady meme trends on Anarchy’s media platforms.


Anarchy’s not done yet! Here are some other key features the rookie token is offering users. 

Anarchy’s DAO will comprise the token holders actively involved in the Anarchy project. From approving protocol upgrades to deciding on investments and charity donations, Anarchy’s DAO will maintain its democratic principles as the holders vote on platform decisions. 

Also, project profits go to the DAO, where the members share them according to their holdings. 

  • Security for DAO and Trading

Anarchy’s developers have ensured the token offers the best experience for its investors and traders. The DAO treasury, which finances DAO projects and charity donations, is protected by the Gnosis Safe protocol. The protocol uses multiple signatures to restrict access to the treasury to just DAO administrators. The rest of the server will enjoy security from Ethereum, as the improved blockchain provides the best security in all the crypto-verse. 

Anarchy’s platform will feature token burns, reducing the number of $ANA tokens in the market. The goal is to ensure that Anarchy continues to stay relevant and valuable in the cryptocurrency market while providing its real-world utilities. For the token burns, 0.5% of each transaction will be burnt to reduce the total token supply. 

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Anarchy’s Presale News

Anarchy’s offering the juiciest profit deals in 2023, and the best bit is that it all starts at the presale. Users are guaranteed a 200% ROI at the end of the presale, and that’s why every investor is moving to the $ANA project right now.

The presale has crossed the half-million mark, with each token selling for $0.00021. That is expected to change very soon, as the presale is set to commence stage two in a few days.

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