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Notorious Floki Inu Investor Sells Off Assets and Shifts Focus to the New Meme Coin Gem

A good crypto investor prides himself on being able to snuff out a high-potential project. That’s the major selling point of any cryptocurrency: great profits to attract major influencers and investors. So to be successful, you should waste no time jumping into a project with great opportunity. That’s what this notorious Floki Inu investor is doing right now with a fast-growing new meme coin, Anarchy.

Reports suggest that a popular Floki Inu investor is selling all his assets (yes, everything) for Anarchy. He’s shifting his focus and camping in the Anarchy space. Why? We’re about to find out.

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What’s Up With Floki Inu?

It’s been a while since the Floki Inu surge back in January. It arrived in the middle of a popularity contest among meme coins like Shiba Inu, and one could see some similarities between Floki and the patterns of Dogecoin.

Floki experienced a huge rally of more than 500% in January but then saw a swift reversal rather quickly. Not a very stable start, is it? But looking at this price movement, you must consider a few factors that go beyond just the volatility of the market and online hype.

Does Floki Inu lack the fundamental value or utility of other established tokens? If so, then it’s not distinguishable from other meme coins, and this may likely be the reason why our notorious Floki Inu investor is shifting his focus somewhere else.

Floki has done a number here on both newcomers and early holders. More than half of them are in losses, and now, with the news of one of their most notorious holders moving for greener pastures, you can expect more of them to follow suit.

So I guess you must be wondering why the Floki Inu investor chose Anarchy. What’s so special?

Let’s dive into this new rebel meme coin, then, shall we?

Anarchy Is The Latest gem.

Welcome to the Anarchy movement, people! What is it all about? This is a community of fun-loving people who are on a mission to call out the bad work of the government with memes as their weapon.

Yes, that’s about right.

You can’t deny that everyone loves a good underdog story, and Anarchy is riding that wave to meme-coin success. But it’s not just that. This isn’t just a Robin Hood memecoin, no. It’s backed with some serious utilities and amazing potential to guarantee early holders great profit. I mean, it’s attracted heavyweight Floki Inu investors, so you know it’s doing something right.

But to paint a better picture of the Anarchy Project, here are a few benefits you stand to gain when you side with Anarchy.

  • Potential For Massive Growth

The Anarchy Project backs up its meme rebellion against the government with some serious firepower. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain and has given the market a total of 69 billion $ANA tokens for sale in its ongoing presales (which are going amazingly well, we might add).

These show that the coin is saddled with huge potential, not just to become popular but to go to the top and stay at the top.

Anarchy has an additional utility called the AnarchyDAO Treasury. With every transaction, 4.5% of the funds are allocated to the Treasury, which is securely managed by Gnosis Multi Safe Solutions. The treasury serves as a pool of funds that can be used for community initiatives or investments.

Here’s the exciting part: If the members decide to invest the funds, each member is entitled to a percentage of the profits generated from that investment. This not only rewards the members but also fosters a sense of belonging within the community.

After every transaction, 0.5% of it is permanently burned, and the token supply reduces. But does it also increase the value strength of $ANA due to its scarcity in the market? You get to be part of a project whose value grows periodically.

There’s nobody who would see these benefits and not be attracted to $ANA’s appeal, and our notorious Floki Inu investor was no exception.

So what’s the word? Ready to join Anarchy?

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$ANA Presales

If your answer was yes to the question above, then, my friend, you have made a wise choice. You can join the Anarchy movement by getting yourself involved in the token’s ongoing presales.

Presales are in the first stage and are selling fast for $0.00021, but they won’t be at that price for long as the stages progress.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Invest in ANA today!

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