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Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Launch Expectations Prop SHIB, TOADS Set For 3000% Rally On Launch

Prospects just improved for SHIB investors with the announcement of the Shibarium, which will launch soon and provide new upsides for fans of one of the most prominent meme coins ever seen in crypto. But it’s not the only crypto that’s been enjoying positive press recently: DigiToads (TOADS) continues to outpace rivals and is expected to surge once more after its new ico launch. It’s one of the most anticipated icos ever seen in the crypto space, but that’s not the only reason why investors continue to flock to TOADS. They love what it has to offer across a range of fully-comprehensive fundamentals. Here’s why:

DigiToads (TOADS)

DigiToads (TOADS) continues to welcome new investors to its incredible full-utility ecosystem. And that’s one thing that sets it apart from many other meme coins. Until the announcement of the new Shibarium, meme coins like Shib failed to offer any real underlying mechanics or long-term potential. While many meme coins managed to thrive off the back of price speculation and hype, most of them failed to hold onto gains for the long term. Investors want more from their altcoins, which is why TOADS is perfectly placed in the market to unite meme coin marketing potential with real long-term utility.

In the TOADS P2E ecosystem, you can enjoy the strongest earning mechanics ever as part of a battle arena that’s as fun as it is rewarding. By battling it out for rewards every season with your own unique TOADS companion, you can enjoy part of a 2% sales tax which will always provide plenty of funds for rewards. These rewards can be used as profits and exchanged for other cryptos in an instant,  alternatively you can feed and level up your TOADS avatars to make them even stronger, and more capable of winning rewards further down the line.

And the TOADS presale continues to surge in popularity as it approaches the best ico ever. With a sales figure of $ 5.9 million already smashed, this figure should continue to rise even more. Discounts are still available at $0.047 per token, which will go up to $0.055 when it officially launches.Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB hit the news in a big way a couple of years ago when it helped reshape the crypto landscape and show how powerful a meme coin can become. But initial gains soon dipped back again, leading developers to think of new ways to bring long-term success for investors. The announcement of a new Shibarium has taken things a step further and created an ecosystem for development that may rival more established altcoin projects. With real functionality being added to SHIB, it could enjoy further success in the next few months.


When TOADS finally launches, experts think it could surge 3000% in price. This will be a remarkable move and could make a fortune for investors who locked in discounts during presale. Just imagine if you had the chance to invest in SHIB during presale. That’s the opportunity you get with TOADS: so don’t miss your chance.

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