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Shiba Inu Partner Passes Smart Contract Security Audit

InterFi confirms Bad Idea AI’s smart contract is secure and free of major vulnerabilities.

InterFi, a prominent blockchain security company, thoroughly analyzes Bad Idea AI’s solidity code. The analysis, consisting of automated and manual assessments, focused on identifying common contract vulnerabilities and centralized exploits. This evaluation was undertaken at the request of Bad Idea AI.

InterFi’s auditing team has released a comprehensive report through their official Twitter account after their meticulous review.

The report delivers reassuring news, as InterFi did not discover any critical or major issues in Bad Idea AI’s solidity code. This finding implies that the smart contract associated with Bad Idea AI is secure and can be confidently used by individuals and organizations.

The absence of critical vulnerabilities means the Bad Idea AI smart contract is highly resistant to exploitation. Users can rest assured that their assets and data are protected, as the contract is designed to prevent any potential loss or manipulation.

Shiba Inu Team member Lucie praised BAD for passing the audit.


This development comes just days after the Shiba Inu team announced Bad Idea AI as its official partner. Bad Idea AI is an innovative project that combines blockchain, AI, and DAOs, and it has been rapidly evolving. This partnership was preceded by adding all Bad Idea AI services and products to the official Shib website.

Following the partnership news, BAD, the native token of Bad Idea AI, has gained listings on renowned cryptocurrency data aggregating platforms such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. In addition, BAD is now available for trading on three decentralized exchanges: ShibaSwap, SushiSwap, and Uniswap.

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