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Don’t Miss Out on This Hot New Memecoin Surpassing Shiba Inu Phenomenal Surge!

Shiba Inu made a glorious entry into the crypto scene in 2020. The token had a very profitable run that made many millionaires within the cryptocurrency market in a snap of a finger.

Fast forward some years, and the Shiba Inu is still not quite where it was touted to be. In fact, the meme coin has fallen off recently, particularly in the past week, when it suffered its worst loss in three years.

On the other hand, we have Anarchy ($ANA), a fresh face that is causing a stir in the meme coin space. Unlike other meme coin projects, Anarchy promises an insane supply of memes and jokes, mostly directed towards corrupt governments.

Here, we’ll walk you through the Anarchy ($ANA) project and what you stand to gain from participating in the ongoing presale. But first, let’s talk about the Shiba Inu and its current state.

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Shiba Inu Falling Off Again

This is not the first time the Shiba Inu platform has experienced a dip in value. Shortly after its launch, the platform’s development slowed due to the initial developers’ lack of commitment, so to speak. Then the token made a comeback.

What’s different this time is that it has hit a new low, about $0.0000073, from the loss recorded last week. This is Shiba Inu’s worst loss in three years and a sign of the end for the token. With about 80% of the investors out in the cold, most Shiba Inu holders are eyeing the Anarchy project and planning to liquidate and join the new train, for good reasons.

Shiba Inu—and most of the other meme coins—failed to create a strong protocol that would offer users value for their time and investment. Anarchy’s got that covered, as you will find in the highlighted features.

No long talk; it’s Anarchy time!

Anarchy: Get Ready for More memecoin Fun

Anarchy is your project if you’ve been looking for a meme coin that balances real-life applications with fun and profits. Anarchy’s developers ensured that the budding meme coin covered all blindspots from other projects, resulting in the perfect token project for every crypto investor.

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$ANA is a meme coin with a rebellious side that intends to drive a movement for change in society through memes and jokes on social media platforms. So through Anarchy, you can lend your voice to criticise the corruption and negligence of governments.

This is just one of Anarchy’s many features in store for you. Want to know more? Hang on!

For crypto buffs, you must be familiar with server glitches that have led to the loss of wallet addresses and millions of dollars in crypto assets. This makes most users sceptical of investing in meme coins, as they are often associated with inadequate security measures, placing their investors at risk of loss.

But Anarchy is here to right that wrong. As we stated, its developers have researched other coin platforms and developed novel measures to ensure their users get the best crypto from the $ANA project. They added a Gnosis Safe protocol to the coin’s features, complementing its base layer-2 Ethereum security.

Anarchy’s platform comprises a community of users and holders supporting the project through their ideas and staked funds. As an ANA holder, you will have a say in the platform’s administration, and you can influence which policies are implemented through a democratic process.

The ANA project employs an unexplored approach to entertainment, using memes to criticise governments. This opens up the project to a new level of influx, especially as whales are moving from other meme coins to the Anarchy platform.

The prospects are already attracting large-scale crypto investors, and it’s only a matter of time before $ANA cements its name as the number one meme coin in the cryptoverse.

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Get Started With Anarchy’s Presale

The Anarchy project is fresh, as the presale has only just started. But the jolly ride starts at the beginning of most crypto projects, and Anarchy is no different.

From all indications, the token is expected to give about 10,000% returns on every investment, overshadowing any other presale in crypto history. It’s best to get on board now that it’s still in its first stage of presale and selling at $0.00021 per token.

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