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Comparing Shiba Memu’s Price Increases to Apemax’s Staking — Which Is Best?

  • Meme coins are always the crypto tokens that explode in growth the quickest, even though they often don’t have much utility. Apemax, for example, features an adorable space-monkey mascot that is bound to bring a smile to your face, but its use cases are limited, unlike Shiba Memu (SHMU). 
  • The meme coin market can be very lucrative. Shiba Memu has used this opportunity to reveal its adorable “cyber dog” take on the Japanese Shiba Inu and bring a whole new level of marketing to the meme coin market. This article will outline why Shiba Memu isn’t just a cute face — it demonstrates a cutting-edge stance in AI-driven meme coin marketing!

What is Apemax, and what is so special about Shiba Memu?

Some people believe that meme coins died in 2021, but they haven’t been watching the market lately! Meme coins never really died out; they saw massive rallies in recent months, along with the appearance of two promising newcomers, Shiba Memu and Apemax.

Apemax is an upcoming crypto platform for staking in DeFi projects, acting as a VC platform for crypto enthusiasts. The token, currently live in presale valued at $0.00017638 per token, is branded with an adorable space monkey and a light-hearted cartoon approach, emphasizing the accessible and welcoming atmosphere surrounding the Apemax platform.

Meanwhile, Shiba Memu offers something novel — a token that leverages AI to automate its marketing campaigns in hopes of reaching unprecedented meme coin success. Shiba Memu constantly scours the web for other successful marketing campaigns, becoming more sophisticated in its approach as it learns and grows.

How does Shiba Memu work exactly?

Shiba Memu (SHMU) will leverage AI to embed its autonomous marketing campaigns into the investors’ experience. Instead of simply watching the token skyrocket as past investors have done for Shiba Inu and other meme coins, investors can track the latest Shiba Memu marketing campaigns in real-time, offering unprecedented marketing transparency.

Within the platform, users can also interact with the cutting-edge Shiba Memu chatbot, an AI-driven tool designed explicitly for Shiba Memu discussion. Investors can chat with the personalized bot to learn more about Shiba Memu, make suggestions, and keep up to date with the latest news.

Shiba Memu is taking a unique approach to crypto, integrating its autonomous marketing technology directly into the investors’ experience. With meme coins relying on manual marketing solutions, Shiba Memu’s campaign visibility and transparency approach is being praised. It is expected to take the meme coin bull run to the next level.

What is the future for Shiba Memu?

Shiba Memu (SHMU) is currently valued at just $0.012475, which is set to rise daily during its presale event. If you know your meme coins, you can smell an opportunity! Investors could see their investment jump by 119.33% if they get in early enough.

Shiba Memu’s adorable mascot is set to launch the cyber dog into space alongside its unique automatic marketing strategy, and getting invested at the lowest price today would mean huge gains in the long run.

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Shiba Memu is currently just a presale token, so the AI marketing features won’t be released for the public to view until later in the year. However, this means you can be a part of the Shiba Memu journey from the beginning. It’s going to be an exciting adventure—over the coming year, Shiba Memu is expected to hit the following milestones:

  • Staking feature launch
  • Crypto exchange listings of SHMU
  • Securing of initial liquidity
  • Increased accessibility and liquidity over time
  • Launch of an AI-marketing dashboard

What is Apemax, and is it looking bullish?

Apemax is designing a crypto-driven system for DeFi investment, allowing investors to stake crypto in their favorite DeFi start-ups. The platform is also expected to provide monetization routes to reward investors for supporting the industry.

However, Apemax is a meme coin, and whilst its DeFi VC token is a great idea, it might sound complicated to the average investor who just wants to see a cute dog like Shiba Memu explode in value! Shiba Memu’s presale and novel marketing approach is expected to take away the hype from Apemax, and even the space monkey mascot can’t prevent this.

Additionally, while it might sound trivial, mascots matter, and the Shiba Inu theme used by Shiba Memu has always been a fan favorite. Apes have appeared in many crypto marketing projects, but they’ve never had the appeal that dog-related meme coins have.

Shiba Memu vs. Apemax: The verdict

In conclusion, meme coins are back in fashion! Apes and dogs worldwide are excited to see Shiba Memu and Apemax on the market, although Shiba Memu will undoubtedly come out on top. When intelligent investors consider the groundbreaking visibility of Shiba Memu’s AI-driven marketing campaign, it should be easy to see why 100x growth is predicted for SHMU in 2023.

Apemax should grow in 2023, but it will likely lag behind Shiba Memu — it simply hasn’t captured the imagination of meme fans yet and doesn’t have the same exciting utility. Shiba Memu, however, ticks all the boxes, and the value of SHMU tokens is scheduled to rise daily throughout the eight-week presale. So, do your research, but you should choose team dog before it skyrockets beyond its accumulated 12.13% growth!

You can buy SHMU during the presale here.

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