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Shibarium wait finally over, new launch date confirmed

In a recent post on his Shibaswap blog, Shytoshi Kusama, pseudonymous lead of the Shiba Inu project, announced the good news the community has long been waiting for. He stated that the Shibarium Layer 2 protocol could be launched at the Blockchain Futurist Conference, which is set to be held in Toronto in August this year. The announcement excited SHIB enthusiasts, who have been continuously asking “wen Shibarium?” on almost each and every Shiba Inu-related post on Twitter. As a reminder, Shibarium has been under development for several months, and the developmental efforts have already yielded fruit as the team launched the testnet dubbed Puppynet.

Shiba Inu leader Shytoshi Kusama has his fingers crossed for Elon Musk and Twitter: Details

Centibillionaire Elon Musk has recently taken to Twitter to comment on a post by the official handle of Community Notes, a project that aims to clarify potentially misleading tweets by providing them with more context and information. The Community Notes account reported the success of the tests run in Japan, adding that now Notes are becoming available for users around the world. Musk thanked the collaborators in Japanese as the original tweet was written in that language. The reply by Musk was spotted by Shytoshi Kusama, who commented on it by writing “what are the chances…?” This could mean that the SHIB lead is on the same page as the Tesla CEO – that only accurate information should be spread on Twitter.

BlackRock CEO says Bitcoin is new gold

Yesterday, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink made an appearance on Fox Businesses The Claman Countdown show, commenting on the firm’s ETF endeavors. Apart from this topic, Fink touched upon Bitcoin, drawing parallels between the flagship crypto and gold and claiming that it is “digitizing” gold. The BlackRock CEO believes in the potential of tokenizing assets and securities, seeing it as the next revolution for the finance industry. The company is optimistic about making investing more accessible, specifically for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, with its ETF offerings.

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