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Shiba Inu Testnet Witnesses Increasing Engagement, Hints at $0.001 SHIB Price with Shibarium Launch

Shiba Inu proponents expect a 13,000% price jump in SHIB’s price as the latest data shows that engagement on the Shibarium Beta testnet — otherwise called Puppynet — has reached new milestones.

Shiba Inu community members continue to anticipate the mainnet launch of the ecosystem’s layer-2 scaling solution, Shibarium. This is evident in the huge adoption and engagement on the Shibarium Beta Testnet dubbed Puppynet.

Increasing Engagement with Shibarium Beta Testnet

A close look at Puppyscan, the official explorer for Puppynet, shows that total transactions, total blocks, and the number of wallet addresses connected to the Shiba Inu layer-2 test network reached new highs compared with previous weeks’ data.

At the time of writing, the total transactions executed on Puppynet stands at 27,043,014. In contrast, the total blocks produced on the network eclipsed 1,562,978. Likewise, the test network’s average block time is 6.8 seconds as of press time.

While the actual date for Shibarium’s mainnet launch remains to be determined, the growing anticipation for the L2 solution, which aims to make Shiba Inu more scalable, is also seen in the high number of wallet addresses connected to Puppynet.

According to Puppyscan, 17,055,354 wallet addresses and counting have interacted with Puppynet as of July 6, indicating that massive testing is ongoing to ensure an effective mainnet solution.


Recall that the explorer recorded 25,686,610 total transactions, 1,491,267 blocks produced, and 17,007,722 wallet addresses for Puppynet as of a June 30 report by The Crypto Basic.

Daily transactions peaked at 324,899 on June 13 and gradually decreased in the following days. From June 19 onwards, the metric has remained around 274,000 transactions per day.

Community Anticipates $0.001 SHIB Price Upon Shibarium Launch

These developments further suggest that Shibarium will be widely adopted when it lands on the mainnet.

Regarding the project’s mainnet launch, lead developer Shytoshi Kusama hinted that it is closer than expected. Earlier this week, Kusama teased a new launch date while revealing the planned strategy.

To this effect, some members of the Shiba Inu community speculate that the meme token’s price could surge to the $0.001 price level. Should this play out, SHIB would have increased by 13,096% from its current price.

Notably, Shiba Inu is changing hands at $0.000007578 at the time of writing. Up over 3.92% in the last seven days, SHIB’s price records a decline of 1.88% in the last 24 hours.

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