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SHIB price down 17%, Tradecurve achieves new milestone

Shiba Inu’s price recently dropped significantly, in part due to the actions of ‘Trophias’, who has defended his actions on Twitter. In contrast, Tradecurve’s token TCRV rises by 50% as investors get excited by the potential of the new trading platform that defies the problems caused by regulations.


Trouble in the Shibarium, as SHIB burns

Not only has Shiba Inu’s price been declining for the last 3 months, but there is trouble at home. Community member Trophias is in the dog house for allegedly intercepting 37.5 ETH, which was sent to the Doggy DAO. The money was sent from Shiba Inu’s burger joint Welly.  Welly is located in Naples, Italy, and there are plans to franchise the store and expand worldwide.

The conflict surrounding the 37.5 missing ETH caused the price of Shiba Inu to fall to a new low of $0.0000083, and while the coin has since regained some ground, the future looks uncertain. At time of writing the Shibarium’s blockchain tracker Puppyscan, was not loading, instead showing a cloudflare error.  Trophias posted his reply to Stefano from Welly, on Twitter, stating that rules must be followed and that funds are ‘safe and secure’., the website that tracks Shiba Inu’s burn rate is still up, and shows that burning is on the increase, with approximately 125 million SHIB burned in the last 24 hours.  Many see this as a response to the anticipation of the proper launch of the Shibarium blockchain.

According to online reports, there are as many as 16 million unique active wallets ready and waiting for the Shiba Inu blockchain launch to happen.  It will be interesting to see if the launch can change Shiba Inu’s bearish momentum to a bullish one.


TCRV holders rejoice at 50% gains

For those not yet in the know, TCRV is the native token of a new, hybrid exchange called Tradecurve.  This exchange, which is currently a project in presale, aims to challenge the existing landscape by offering crypto, stocks, forex, indices, commodities and more, all in one platform. 

Its closest competitor is Robinhood, but there is a twist.  While Robinhood is a centralized exchange, and therefore are the custodians of your crypto, Tradecurve is decentralized, operating on the Ethereum blockchain. This means anyone can trade on their platform, regardless of country specific regulations. Tradecurve also offers leverage of 500:1, something not offered by Robinhood, or other CEXes such as Binance and Coinbase.  This is great for people with small balances who want to make big profits.

Of course trading with leverage is not without risks; knowledge and skill are necessary.  That’s presumably one of the reasons why Tradecurve has a metaverse learning academy that will feature lessons and guest speakers.

Additionally, the platform offers AI algorithmic trading bots, and the possibility to copy trade from successful traders.  These features are accessible via a subscription, which is paid for with TCRV.

TCRV will offer holders other benefits too, such as reduced trading fees, staking and more, which is reassuring, since token utility is an important feature in what makes prices rise.

TCRV is in stage 3 of an 8 stage presale, on offer at $0.015.  The token is set to grow by 50x from its initial price of $0.01, until it launches at $0.088.

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