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Memecoins are a great way for investors to boost their portfolios. Though volatile, they can be extremely profitable if purchased at the right time. Going into Q3, analysts believe that Floki Inu, Pepe Coin and Shiba Inu will be the best performing memecoins, while Tradecurve could offer memecoin level returns. 0


Tradecurve Offers Great Utility And Memecoin Returns 

Although not actually a memecoin, Tradecurve has been put in this category due to its exceptional returns. In just 3 presale stages Tradecurve’s value has increased by 80%, and now analysts believe investors could see returns of 50x by the time the Tradecurve presale is finished. 

Tradecurve itself is an exciting hybrid exchange created on the Ethereum network. The exchange is fully decentralized and lets investors trade traditional and cryptocurrency assets using crypto as collateral. This is the first time investors will be able to trade traditional assets such as stocks anonymously, and it could be a game changer for the market. 

To give investors full peace of mind and tackle the growing issue of the misuse of investor funds, all Tradecurve users will have full custody of their assets, which will be held in decentralized wallets like Metamask. 

This ecosystem has investors extremely excited and will be supported with features such as leverage of 500:1, negative balance protection, and a Metaverse trading academy. Tradecurve (TCRV) tokens are currently trading at $0.018, though they are expected to increase in value soon as stage four of the Tradecurve presale is already 60% sold out. 

TradecurveShiba Inu Recovers Starts To Rally In July 

Although Shiba Inu wasn’t added to the list of securities by the SEC, its value collapsed following the SEC announcement in June. At its lowest, Shiba Inu dropped to $0.0000059, and investors panic sold many of their holdings, with over $4 billion worth of Shiba Inu being removed from platforms in just one day. 

In July however, Shiba Inu recovered, and its value has increased by 4.59% in the last five days. Shiba Inu is now trading at $0.00000771, and with Shiba Inu’s Shibarium set to be released later this month, investors believe that Shiba Inu could see additional price surges over the next few weeks. 


Floki Inu Experiences A 25.19% Price Surge 

Floki Inu also experienced a dramatic price decrease in June, though the project has seen steady price increases since. In the past week, Floki Inu has increased in value by 25.19%, and one Floki Inu token is now trading at $0.00002697. 

With analysts now making bullish Floki Inu price predictions, the project’s daily trading volume has started to surge, with over $77 million worth of Floki Inu tokens being traded daily. 


Pepe Daily Trading Volume Closes In On $1 Billion

Pepe has quickly become one of the most talked about memecoins in the market. Pepe first made headlines post-release in April 2023 and has since remained the talking point of the market. 

After experiencing a price crash following its initial rally, Pepe has consistently increased in value, and is now trading at $0.000001739. On the 22nd of June, Pepe’s daily trading volume surged to $842,548,593, making Pepe one of the most widely traded memecoins in the world. 

Due to its popularity, many experts believe that Pepe will surge in price during the next bull market, which has allowed Pepe to become one of the markets fastest growing memecoins. 

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