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Top Whale Adds 152B Shiba Inu, Now Holds 5.9T SHIB

Top SHIB Whale adds over $1.22 million worth of Shiba Inu in a single transaction. data reveals that the 20th biggest SHIB Whale has just added 157,724,055,879 (157.72 billion) SHIB, worth $1,220,784 ($1.22 million) to her wallet in a single transaction. The transaction took place about 11 hours ago from press time.

Top SHIB Whale Buying Spree

This is the second large purchase by the Whale in the past week. On June 29th, she bought 183,953,754,354 (183.95 billion) SHIB for $1,423,802 ($1.42 million). In total, the Whale has spent $2,644,586 ($2.64 million) to acquire 341,677,810,233 (341.67 billion) SHIB in the last seven days.

The Whale now holds a staggering 5,967,537,723,293 (5.96 trillion) SHIB, worth $45,830,689 ($45.83 million) in her wallet.

The whales’ interest in SHIB reignites as Shytoshi Kusama teases the new launch date for Shibarium Mainnet. In a recent telegram chat, Kusama provided clues that led the Shiba Inu Community to speculate that the Mainnet will be launched at the upcoming ETHToronto Conference 2023. The event is scheduled for August 13-16 in Toronto, Canada – the birthplace of Ethereum.

In another update as reported by The Crypto Basic, IntoTheBlock’s quarterly update unveils a striking surge in SHIB’s new addresses. The latest quarterly update from IntoTheBlock, a prominent blockchain surveillance platform, reveals that SHIB concluded Q2 on a strong and positive trajectory. The data provided indicates that on June 27 alone, SHIB recorded more than 4,000 new addresses. This marked a notable 357% increase from the lowest point of the quarter when only 877 new users joined on May 21.

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