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SHIB Burn & Token Value See Incredible Losses, ShibArmy Now Buying Into ‘Shiba Inu Killer’ ICO Presale

Shiba Inu Liquidity Pool Shrinks as Golden Inu’s Liquidty Pool Increases With Each Transaction

According to, the Shiba Inu token’s $SHIB Burn has sunk down to just 12-million tokens. The good news for the Shibarmy however, the token value is up 2% over the last few hours. But again, this is bad news for most of the memecoin’s holders as the token value is still down massively from where it was just 7 days ago and even worse from 1-month ago.     And it appears, the Shiba Inu developer’s failures are starting to cause a mass-exit of investors,  with many appearing to be moving into the Golden Inu presale.

If unaware, Golden Inu [$GOLDEN] is close to finishing the Initial Coin offering for its new ERC-20 token [ presale here ].     The dual-chain ecosystem’s 2nd coin has surpassed its soft cap minimum of 50ETh and surging towards a hard cap [maximum number of discounted coins available] of 200ETH.

The presale would have ended in less than a week but due to Wallet Connect’s recent and unexpected upgrade, the presale was extended a few days.   This after several users complained on the Golden Inu Twitter and reddit.  Crypto traders made the brand aware they could not purchase $Golden tokens due to the abrupt tech update by WalletConnect. 

Much of the growth is believed to have come from Shiba Inu’s waning  audience.   And the fact is, the founder of Golden Inu created the new memecoin to do everything the Shiba Inu developers promised — useful decentralized crypto products.

Shiba Inu Crypto Holders Losing Money In 2023

Shiba Inu’s audience is faltering heavily in 2023.   Much of this is due to the lack of innovation and inability to attract new investors. The stagnancy has resulted in faltering prices as more users are selling or trading for other cryptocurrencies, creating a higher supply of tokens.    And with $Shib Burn also waning, far from its 100-million tokens daily goal,  it appears there’s no way up for the Shiba Inu token’s value.  

ShibArmy members are finding a way back to “$Golden days” however — pun intended.

Golden Inu

Golden Inu To Reverse $SHIB Holders’ Losses

According to the ETHScan details of Golden Inu’s presale wallet, many Shiba Inu holders are converting their cryptos to ETH to buy into the $GOLDEN [ERC-20] presale.

Just last week over 20ETH were raised in 48 hours, many of those wallets appear to have traded out their Shiba Inu. 

This week on Tuesday,  5ETH were raised in one day from traders that were former Shiba Inu token holders.

The reason for these migrations are simple.      News is spreading that Golden Inu has a chance of an incredible ROI of +10,000% — a lowball estimate.    And even if it does not, the $GOLDEN token’s presale is still all-but guaranteed to yield far greater returns on investment than anything Shiba Inu has done in 2023.   

Why Are Tradings Choosing Golden Inu Over Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu’s averages for producing new applications of use is blasphemous to the sacred world of cryptocurrency and decentralization.   Since 2021, the developers have produced nothing of actual utility for the ShibArmy.   And ‘promises’ made in murky quotes have never materialized.  Only ‘more things to buy’ have been provided.    Shiba Inu is ‘taking’ at a rapid pace but giving 0 opportunities to $SHIB token holders.

From this negative cycle, the founder [@3TC on Twitter] of the $GOLDEN token was born.  Known as “Golden Takeishi,” he’s said to be an experienced technology professional who was once vested in $SHIB. 

From frustrations of Shiba Inu not delivering their promises of innovative crypto applications, coupled with the financial losses, Takeishi decided to launch the Golden Inu. The token was created as a way to provide a safer, DAO structured [community controlled]  crypto ecosystem that has transparency for its token holders.

Golden Inu Created 3 Crypto Apps in 2023, 2 That Allow Users To Earn 

Since its launch, Golden Inu has already outpaced the $SHIB Developers team in terms of crypto product creation.  And the victory by $Golden developers is a landslide win.   Whereas Shiba Inu has released 0 user-beneficial cryptocurrency products in 2023,  Golden Inu has released 2 with 3rd, just opening registration.  

Of those 3 products for the Golden Inu ecosystem, the first and third allow users to earn $GOLDEN tokens.  

The first, $GOLDEN Quest, is a collaborative effort job platform that allows professionals to earn for helping develop the token’s ecosystem.  It allows users to see what money, which is made from the token’s buy/sell gas fees, has been paid out to Ecosystem professionals to develop the ecosystem. Though it’s not the entire developer team, it does give transparency in how some of the Golden Inu token’s money is spent to all traders.  

The third release, $Golden Inuverse, is a play-to-earn crypto game.  It’s the second crypto app from the new cryptocurrency that returns money back to the hands of those that support the digital currency’s ecosystem.

Comparing this with Shiba Inu’s continued promises, when nothing has materialized in reality, has made the transition to Golden Inu’s presale a no-brainer for many.

Is Ryoshi Fake?  Are Shiba Inu’s Developers The Real Founders?

To make matters worse for Shiba Inu, a ‘fishy odor’ has emerged this week around the brand for many traders.    And perhaps, this is why Golden Inu’s presale activity is spiking again today.

A user was banned from $SHIB communities after making a claim that the popular memecoin’s founder Ryoshi is not actually the founder.  The outcasted Shibarmy cadet said the real founders are actually the token’s developer team.   Soon after the topic was created, community admins blocked the user to silence his claim.  The crypto blogosphere picked up the news nonetheless.

If the outcasted community member has facts to prove their point is yet to be seen. 

This is not the first time the Shiba Inu founder, SHIB burn numbers, or other things associated with the memecoin brand have been called out.    In fact, popular YouTuber Bitboy, alleged to have figured out Neyma Jahan is the father of the Dogecoin killer.

Another investigative report found wallets inter-linked to disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and Ryoshi  that indicate SBF is the founder of Shiba Inu.

Regardless, The Losses are Moving Traders To Trade

Regardless of who the founder is however, what is clear is the analytics of the $SHIB token.   The Shib Burn is down nearly 80% in the last 24 hours and the value of the $SHIB token [CMC] has nearly been cut in half since April 1st, merely 3 months ago. 

In comparison, the BEP-20 token from Golden Inu shows is up nearly 40% in 7 days and over 150% in the last week.   Comments from various crypto experts and respected crypto traders on CoinMarketCap are highly optimistic on the binance-chain version of $Golden.    Many of those same investors are likely planting down respectable sums into the ERC-20 token presale.

If not aware, Golden Inu is a dual-blockchain crypto-ecosystem that will rely on two tokens.   The Ethereum-chain [ERC-20] token currently in presale, is the second and final to launch [read more here].    

If Shiba Inu investors want to cut their losses it’s time to think and trade outside the box.   The presale of Golden Inu is attracting hordes of investors.   Both smart money who have moved upwards of $1ETH into the $GOLDEN [ERC-20] presale down to crypto plankton who are investing a fraction of that, are dollar cost averaging $10 daily into the new Initial Coin offering. 

However, the presale will end soon and $GOLDEN will go live on Uniswap before July’s end.  At that point, it will be clear who’s the real winner — Golden Inu holders vs Shiba Inu holders.    Crypto experts, weighing in on the matter are predicting the presale investors  will be the big winner, gaining at least 10X on their investment.    Uniswap will potentially open to the door to 30 Million Ethereum-blockchain users to buy the $GOLDEN [ERC-20] token with confidence.

Golden Inu

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