DeepCoin Partners with Saitama to Run Global Crypto Utility






SINGAPORE – DeepCoin Exchange, an innovative space and futures exchange that provides trading services to users globally, recently added 20 new tokens to the exchange, including two from Saitama’s creators, $SAITAMA and $SRLTY . This comes as a move to promote greater utility and visibility for growing projects in the region.

“Those of us who provide products and services to investors and traders looking to continually adapt to emerging trends and needs should empower them. Saitama has a strong community dedicated to using cryptocurrency in real-world applications.” innovates for the future,” Deepcoin CEO Ego Huang said in a statement.

Saitama is a Web 3.0 technology company primarily focused on developing a decentralized finance ecosystem for everyday life. They started as a Memecoin project in June 2021 and have moved into the utility sector by launching SataPro, a non-custodial DeFi exchange for your mobile phone or desktop that includes a dApp browser. With SaitaPro you can buy cryptocurrency, play games to earn tokens, and even engage in staking and yield farming.

In addition, they recently launched an NFT platform, FANG, and their new project SaitaReality ($SRLTY) has great promise to provide real estate services to the community, structured as a DAO. SRTLY was just listed on the DeepCoin exchange; It is trending near $40,223.20 USD with 24-hour trading volume of $0.000163 USD.

,[We are] Essentially creating multiple ways to generate revenue as a holder without having to sell tokens. There are so many options for the investor and it plays out beautifully in the Saitama ecosystem,” Saitama COO Russell Armand said during a recent AMA with DeepCoin.

The DAO is regulated by a real estate simulator in the metaverse called SataCity, where holders will stake their $SRLTE tokens to get land there.

Saitama Chief Creative Officer Gabriel Klein elaborated, “The more they engage with Saitama, the more voting power they get in the DAO, and can vote on asset acquisition, DAO enhancement, profit distribution, and more. DAO is SaitaRealty DApp, on the frontend it will look like a decentralized real estate agency where you can view listed properties and buy shares. We are really excited about it!”

You can now buy $SAITAMA or $SRLTY tokens to support the growing community. They are currently ranked #370 on coinmarketcap and have approximately 138,000 holders in their ecosystem. For more information, please visit Saitamatokan or Saitamarality to read about their upcoming projects.

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