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In the years since the great reaches of technology grasped every major industry in the world, media has become a vital tool in ensuring the success of many businesses. Media has had a significant impact on the world and for businesses, it allows them to connect with their audience much easier than ever before. In the case of crypto, media has become the lifeline to ensuring that each project gets the best amount of awareness and also serves as a tool in attracting investors and subsequent success.

For meme coins, social media is a vital tool for success.For example, coins being modeled after internet sensations, like Dogecoin with the doge meme and Shiba Inu with Elon Musks’ dog. Through media coverage, these coins found their voice and community, whilst also creating an image in the public eye. For new coins like DogeMiyagi, the mistakes and wins of its predecessors can serve as a roadmap for success.

Dogecoin: The Big Doge

Dogecoin entered the market intending to be a parody of crypto but instead became one of the most famous crypto projects on the market. The power of media was very strong in the success of Dogecoin, primarily because it was famous before turning into crypto. This led it to easily form a community and develop a strong support network.

Dogecoin used social media to its fullest potential, especially when it gathered support from social icons like Elon Musk. Through this, its performance and price were influenced by tweets and news shared about the coin. This had a bittersweet knock-on effect: although it caused the price to soar, in some cases the price saw a drastic decline because of any negative news that was shared, proving the repercussions of volatile news. Dogecoin can continue to use channels like Twitter and Reddit to share news and hold discussions, which can impact its reach and lead to a better performance of the coin overall.

Shiba Inu: Under The Doge

Shiba Inu was the next sensation to grace the market and followed shortly after Dogecoin, gaining momentum almost as quickly. It emerged in response to a photo shared by Elon Musk of his dog, a Shiba Inu named Floki. The crypto community took to the coin almost immediately, enabling it to be one of the strongest competitors to Dogecoin. Shiba Inu additionally leveraged the Dogecoin community to establish itself, pulling members who were already experienced with the concept of growing meme coin popularity.

This is perhaps one of the most ingenious usages of media coverage. In doing this, Shiba Inu managed to create widespread awareness and created a strong brand image. Just like Dogecoin, the media coverage had its dark side as Shiba Inu’s price and performance were greatly affected over the years. However, the main advantage that the media gives Shiba Inu is that its Shib Army can effectively promote the coins and raise awareness, which is expected to positively influence the coin performance.

DogeMiyagi: The New Dog

DogeMiyagi is the latest coin to introduce itself to the market. Just like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, it got its name from a piece of iconic pop culture – The Karate Kid. Not only is this a genius concept because of the connection it creates with its audience, but it also significantly contributes to a great media strategy.

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It starts its journey with a great public image due to the rapport that the movies have with the audience. Many people, as we have seen with previous tokens, will eagerly jump onto this opportunity, allowing it to leverage the communities of Karate Kid and also other popular meme coins. Moreover, it can use themed content from the movies in its promotional content to entice community members to share it, giving the currency a more extensive reach.

Social media also plays a part in gathering the coins community whilst sharing insights and news that can positively influence the sale of its coins during the presale. Altogether, great utilization of the media coverage can enable the platform to not only attract more investors but to also increase its token holder and growth.

Media Means Business

In the modern age, media coverage is essential for the survival of businesses. For crypto, in particular, this allows the projects to gain a significant amount of reach and influence within communities and certain online spaces, which helps it to attract more investors and continue with its journey of growth.

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