Shibarium Release When? Shiba Inu Developer Drops Hint

The Shiba Inu community has been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Shibarium, Layer-2 blockchain. Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous lead developer of the popular meme coin has dropped another “MAY be soon” hint that provoked a lot of mixed responses from the SHIB army.

Shibarium will have a “MAY” Release

From changing his Twitter bio in January to stating that the launch does not happen “by a switch,” Kusama has always refused to name any particular date for the Shibarium release.

Now that the speculated D-Day rumors are cooled down by Shytoshi, a member of the SHIB community shared a screenshot on Twitter, which held some latest updates on the Shibarium launch date.

“Update “way before May” #SHIBARIUM IS now VERY soon! Remember to get your #BONE and #SHIB!!!” – Shiba_1Arizona @ShibaArizona

In one of the Shiba Inu community channels, Shytoshi stated that “Things are coming Way before May.”

Mixed Reaction from the community

After this, the sentiment regarding the upcoming launch of the Layer-2 solution for the Shiba Inu network seems to be mixed as many investors are upset with “soon” as an answer.

Replying to @ShibaArizona, one of the community members wrote, “What’s that supposed to mean? More fake hype! This feels so familiar…. sounds almost like the one who wanted to march on the capital with his patriots and told them he’d be right there with them. PSYCH!!! At least we now know how they felt at the time.”

This wasn’t it, many people are now calling Shibarium as “Soonbarium” and they also think Shiba Inu will witness a massive price dump if this continued any further.

SHIB is Bleeding

Shiba Inu price fell nearly 5% in the last 24 hours, with the price currently trading at $0.00001237. The 24-hour low and high are $0.00001206 and $0.00001293, respectively. Furthermore, the trading volume has decreased by 23.46% in the last 24 hours, standing at $296,951,836.

Meanwhile, Shibarium’s gas token BONE is trading at $1.37, down 8.80% in the last 24 hours. The token is consolidating after hitting a high of $1.508 today.

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