Dogecoin dog who is suffering from leukaemia goes for walk and finishes her meal; Watch

Internet sensation and the face of the dogecoin cryptocurrency, the adorable 17-year-old Shiba Inu named Kabosu, is making a surprising recovery after the reports of her illness surfaced in media. On Friday, the popular dog’s owner Atsuko Sato posted a video of kabosu on Instagram and informed the netizens that the 17-year-old is making a surprising recovery. Earlier this week, Sato stated in an Instagram post that her Shiba Inu was suffering from chronic lymphoma leukaemia, which is a type of cancer along with inflammatory conditions in the liver. According to Sato, the doctors called Kabosu’s condition “very dangerous” and said in a previous post that the social media famous Dogecoin dog had stopped drinking and eating. 

However, things changed on Friday, when the owner of the famous dog shared a video of Kabosu having food and liquids. In her latest post Sato wrote that on the morning of the fifth day since Kabosu fell sick, the dog has finally finished its meal. In the post, Sato also wrote, “I took her for a five-minute walk to the park today. She looked happy in the sun and fresh air”. She summed up her post by thanking the netizens for their love and good wishes. The news of Kabosu’s sickness made many netizens worry about Internet sensation. 

Who is Kabosu? The Dogecoin dog 

According to the BBC, the world first learned of Kabosu when the dog became a viral meme in 2013. After an accidental misspelling, the flurry dog became the face of the famous “doge” meme. Kabosu gained immense popularity on the internet, following which two programmers made the dog the face of a cryptocurrency called Dogecoin. While the currency was made as a joke the value of Dogecoin shot up in 2021, after Tesla CEO, Elon Musk called the currency, “the people’s crypto”. 

However, things have changed since then. The value of Dogecoin has fallen as the Cryptocurrency market crashed down. But Dogecoin still remains close to Musk’s heart. According to the BBC, it is still the “only digital currency” Musk’s electric car company Tesla accepts. The news of the speedy recovery of the 17-year-old has indeed come as a relief for the netizens, especially the cryptocurrency community. 

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