EverGrow Coin Set to Become The Next Shiba Inu, Passes $1.5 Billion Marketcap Gaining 28,000% in Just 1 Month

Many experts and analysts have been citing EverGrow as the next Shiba Inu and DogeCoin. What’s unique about EverGrow’s smart contract is that 8 percent of each Buy/Sell transaction is divided across all the holders of $EGC. EverGrow Coin is also twice as rewarding as the nearest competition and every holder gets a far greater share in rewards. On launch, half of the token total supply was burned and removed permanently from circulation, and a further 2% has been burned since. The Airdrop and Team Wallet, a further 5%, are locked and do not receive rewards. This means the rewards are distributed amongst just 44% of the total coins.

EverGrow Coin Unique Tokenomics:

Buy Back and Burn: EverGrow uses its multi-buyback feature to fight against the volatility in Prices. 2% from every transaction are sent to buy back wallet and safely secured in the EGC contract. When activated Buyback reduces the total token supply by buying tokens directly from exchanges and then removing them permanently from the circulating supply, which positively impacts the token price. EverGrow Coin offers two distinct BuyBack programs: Moonshot Buyback, which results in a large green candle on the chart. In comparison, the AutoBoost Buy-Back System discourages early sellers with modest buybacks.

Auto Liquidity:  4% from every transaction is added to liquidity on PancakeSwap, a BSC-based decentralized exchange. Pancakeswap fixed the low liquidity problems of DEXs through their liquidity Pools.

Anti-Whale System: this simple yet effective anti-whale mechanism deters huge sellers by limiting the max sale amount to 0.125% of the circulating amount for a single transaction.

Diverse Ecosystem: EverGrow’s team EverGrow intends to create a variety of products within its Ecosystem to enhance the value and value of EGC Token, as stated in the roadmap. The products include Binance smart Chain-based NFT marketplace as well as the Content Subscription Platform. The team regards this as an important factor and is aware of the importance of utilities which is often overlooked by projects that rely on hype and endorsements.

NFT Lending: EverGrow Coin is developing the world’s first decentralized NFT lending platform. Built on BSC, The platform will allow NFT owners to readily borrow against their NFTs as collateral at fair interest rates without selling them. It implies that instead of collecting digital dust on their NFTs, people make money from them. Further, investors may purchase and sell NFTs, including those obtained via liquidated collateral from the NFT Lending platform at its BSC-based NFT marketplace.

NFT Marketplace: The best thing about this platform is its cost-effectiveness. The NFT market will prove to be less expensive and offer faster and better transactions, which the Binance Smart Chain consensus will facilitate. The NFT Marketplace will allow creators to mint their NFT’s and sell them.

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Telegram – https://t.me/evergrowcoin 
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/evergrowcoin/ 

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