Just looking over SHIB since it was listed on Coinbase reveals some interesting patterns that I am hopeful will continue. Since SHIB’s first big move in October, we’ve had another big move that has taken us to just under 0.00009 several days ago. Since that big move, we’ve entered a consolidation phase which I expect to continue for roughly 2 to just under 3 more weeks before the next breakout shall manifest. Of course, this could happen sooner, or later, or not at all, but let’s just roll with this idea, because that’s all this is, an idea.

On the chart above, you’ll see a series of vertical green arrows that point upward and correspond to a new high each time. The highest point of each wave up, if you will. After each of these spikes to a new ATH , you’ll see a typical consolidation pattern that leads sustains itself for sometime before leading to the next breakout. This pattern has been consistent since mid-September and if history repeats itself, which it so often does, then we can expect another leg up very soon.

As of the time of this writing, these runs to new ATH after consolidation, has been happening around every 3 weeks or so, with some eery consistency thus far. As my experience tells me, when you catch on to predictable patterns like this, they tend to change just as soon as you commit to them… so please keep that in mind. That being said, I remain hopeful that this holds true for at least one more go.

At any rate, the chart should be fairly self-explanatory. I anticipate that in mid-November, the next wave up will kick off, and it will accelerate rapidly. We can hope for a 2X move from the previous ATH which may bring us to the 0.00015ish range, though it may run higher than that, possibly as high as 0.000225 if the crypto Gods are feeling a little saucy, which they have been lately, so here’s to hoping.


I hope y’all like this idea. I just used some crypto to purchase a premium subscription to Trading-View because I am digging the platform and have for quite some time now, and I want to support these guys. I encourage you to do the same. The paid subscription, without the ads, is totally worth it if you are on here more than once every couple weeks.


I offer no advice, financially or otherwise. Please also bear in mind that I am very likely to be under the influence of psychedelic and mind-altering substances when I analyze charts. Anything you glean from these charts is of your own interpretation. I am not responsible for anything. As always, this is for fun, guys.

Much love. Happy trading.

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