Dogecoin (DOGE) ranks number one by Google searches in the U.S

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Dogecoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the U.S based on the average number of monthly searches.

That’s according to Bacancy Technology, who shared a press release with CryptoSlate publicizing their research on Google cryptocurrency search data.

This contradicts the narrative that Dogecoin is falling out of favor with investors, as suggested by $DOGE’s stagnant price action of late, and rival meme token Shiba Inu gaining ground in market cap ranking.

Dogecoin is the most searched cryptocurrency on Google

A strong weekend performance saw +60% gains for Shiba Inu at its peak. However, profit-taking on Sunday led to $SHIB giving up most of those gains to close yesterday’s daily with a long top wick.

Nonetheless, a 19% swing to the upside today suggests buyers remain keen on Shiba Inu.

By contrast, Dogecoin is relatively flat and has been since September. Since the weekend, $DOGE gained 9%, to close Sunday above $0.26 resistance for the first time in seven weeks.

The $0.26 level has proved a challenging zone to crack, having been rejected at this level on several occasions since September 8.

Dogecoin daily chart YTD
Source: DOGEUSDT on

Despite $DOGE’s lack of price buoyancy recently, a study by Bacancy Technology reveals Dogecoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the U.S, as determined by Google searches.

Dogecoin brings in 7,000,000 searches a month on average. The next most popular is Bitcoin, with 4,700,000 searches per month. And Ethereum ranks third with 1,800,000 searches a month.

Somewhat surprisingly, considering its relatively recent launch (on August 1, 2020), Shiba Inu makes fourth place with 870,000 searches a month on average.

The full results for average monthly searches on Google are:

  • Dogecoin 7,000,000
  • Bitcoin 4,700,000
  • Ethereum 1,800,000
  • Shiba Inu 870,000
  • Cardano 704,000
  • Litecoin 339,000
  • Avalanche 297,000
  • Polygon 221,000
  • Cosmos 214,000
  • Uniswap 194,000

Commenting on the findings, Bacancy Technology attributed Dogecoin’s popularity to the endorsement of high-profile figures, including Snoop Dogg and Mark Cuban. The firm also highlighted the rise in trading apps, such as Robin Hood, that have low barriers to entry and cater to users who aren’t necessarily trading specialists.

Who is Bacancy Technology?

Bacancy Technology is a privately owned software development firm based in Gujarat, India, with offices in the U.S, Canada, Australia, UAE, and Sweden.

The firm builds and delivers full stack custom solutions enabling businesses to transform their digital operations.

“Bacancy Technology has successfully proved it’s worth delivering thousands of successful products, and we have been privileged enough to work with fortune 500 clients like Mercedes-Benz, Red Bull, Disney, Warner Bros., 3M, Volkswagen and many more.”

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