One-Punch Man: 10 Things Saitama Can Do Without His Punches

As of the most recent arc, Saitama is still the most powerful entity in One-Punch Man. He rarely resorts to battle, but when he does, he needs little more than a gentle nudge to eviscerate nearly every opponent he faces. Saitama’s iconic punches are incomparable in their attack potency, given he comfortably defeats Boros with his Serious Series.

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However, it is painfully clear that Saitama could do just as much damage without relying on a single punch, as he bears a number of physical and psychological superpowers that are as overwhelming, if not more. In other words, if Saitama is transported to an alternate dimension where his punches have no effect, he’s still going to be one of the strongest heroes there.

10 Saitama Doesn’t Need Flight When He Can Jump

Strange as it might sound, Saitama can’t actually fly even though it certainly seems that way to the audience. This is because his leaping skills are so over the top that he can effortlessly spring over buildings or ricochet his entire body off any incoming attacks or projectiles.

The most impressive example of Saitama’s jump is when Boros throws him all the way to the moon. The Caped Baldy merely employs Newton’s Third Law, generating enough force to return himself to Earth in the exact same location.

9 He Survives The Harsh Vacuum Of Outer Space & The Friction Of Reentry

One-Punch Man Anime Saitama On Moon Looks At Earth

Saitama has been to space only once, but he comes out of the ordeal completely undamaged. In most cases, spending a few seconds outside the planet’s atmosphere means a prolonged and inevitable death, but mortal rules are of no concern to him.

Saitama doesn’t breathe the entire time, instead plugging his nose with his fingers. More importantly, he is invulnerable to the deadly effects of solar radiation hitting him without even an ozone layer to offer protection.

8 Saitama’s Body Is Resistant To Every Known Attack

There probably doesn’t exist a single person with the capacity to hurt Saitama in any way. Whether it’s fire, frost, magic, psionics, weaponry, meteors, he takes them all and emerges without a scratch, with the exception of his destroyed clothes.

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Saitama can also handle direct attacks from entities of Boros’ caliber and shrug them off as if they were mosquito bites. That said, he isn’t immune to actual mosquito bites, so there’s that.

7 He Is Considerably Faster Than Even Sonic

Speed-o’-Sound Sonic prides himself on his incredible speed, and for good reason. That is, until Saitama literally runs rings around him during their first battle. Genos finds the process of following him nearly impossible, regardless of how advanced his in-built tech happens to be.

Saitama can evade attacks from Flashy Flash and Geryuganshoop, even catching the latter’s pebbles before they strike him. Although Sonic greatly improves his abilities over time, his rematches with Saitama tend to have the same outcome as the first one.

6 His Movements Are Almost Impossible To Follow

One-Punch Man — Saitama Serious Side Hops

Saitama’s dexterity is incomparable to say the least, and few heroes can keep up with him in that aspect. One of the earlier occasions showcasing this set of skills comes when he takes the practical exam to join the Hero Association, obtaining a perfect score at Whack-A-Mole.

Saitama’s Serious Side Hops are quite a sight, considering he produces dozens of afterimages indistinguishable from the real version. In any case, being able to follow his movements means nothing if he remains unfazed by offensive techniques.

5 Saitama Doesn’t Know The Meaning Of Physical Exhaustion

Saitama One Punch Man

Saitama may or may not be able to feel pain, and there is no confirmation on this because he has never once displayed any discomfort regardless of who he’s fighting.

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The man has no idea what tiredness means, as seen when he runs vast distances without sweating or losing his breath. Interestingly, Saitama has exhibited his limitless vigor ever since his middle-school days, back when he didn’t possess any of his other abilities.

4 Saitama Can Waltz Into Spiritual Dimensions At Will

One-Punch Man — Saitama in Phoenix Space

This feature of Saitama’s doesn’t exactly make sense, but given the parodic nature of the series, it can be considered a bizarre extension of his invincibility. He somehow manages to enter Phoenix Man’s private realm, known as the Phoenix Space, that apparently exists inside the villain’s outfit.

Where most heroes are trapped within the space, Saitama casually waltzes in after a knock or two. How he communicates with non-corporeal elements remains a massive mystery.

3 He Can Paralyze Opponents With A Single Glance

Saitama looks like an extremely average human being with a bald head and a garish red-and-yellow costume, resulting in most people underestimating him. This is because he emits a non-threatening vibe in most instances, mainly to avoid unnecessary conflict.

However, Saitama doesn’t hold back if the situation requires him to intimidate his opponents into complete submission. Genos knows the feeling of being overwhelmed by his teacher’s intense aura better than everyone else.

2 His Air Punches Do More Damage Than Most S-Class Heroes’ Attacks

One-Punch Man — Saitama's Air Punch

When Genos insists on Saitama training him, Saitama actively avoids attacking his pupil for obvious reasons. This naturally infuriates Genos, who then demands his teacher to use every ounce of his power.

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Saitama makes as if he’s about to punch Genos but then directs it behind him. The screen zooms out into the entire landscape, showing that the airwave generated from Saitama’s punching movement is enough to vaporize an enormous tableland.

1 His Serious Table Flips & Headbutts Are Terrifyingly Effective

Saitama Serious Table Flip — One-Punch Man

Saitama doesn’t care much about cool names for his overpowered techniques. Instead, he adds the word “serious” to his standard moves to indicate that they have been augmented further.

Two of them, in particular, are noteworthy. Saitama’s Serious Table Flip involves flipping massive tracts of land over his opponent, while his Serious Headbutt is so strong that it can shatter bones belonging to the likes of Garou.

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