One-Punch Man: 10 Most Respected Heroes, Ranked

It’s not easy being a hero in the One-Punch Man universe. Deadly threats are a part of the day job and there seems to be no end to the number of villains hellbent on destruction. To succeed as a hero, one must be powerful and dedicated. They must possess a strong sense of justice and know the difference between right and wrong. Then, and only then, are others willing to bestow the title of hero upon them.

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The popular anime is stacked with characters who try to embody the ideals of heroism, but not all are respected equally. Some are beloved by citizens and feared by villains because of their likability. Others are respected due to their overwhelming strength. And still others are admired because of their work ethic and commitment to the job.

10 Mumen Rider Embodies Everything A Hero Should Be

One-Punch Man Mumen Rider — Smiling

C-Class Rank 1 hero Mumen Rider lacks the strength of the other heroes in the world of One-Punch Man. He’s probably above-average physically, but he’s easily beaten down on multiple occasions. Yet in many ways, Mumen Rider is more of a hero than anyone else.

He possesses a strong sense of justice, unwilling to overlook any crime regardless of severity. Furthermore, he displays inhuman willpower, confronting the strongest of monsters despite his own lack of strength and getting back up no matter how badly he is beaten. Above all, Mumen’s courage is unrivaled. He feels immense fear but still does the right thing — a feat most humans can’t claim to do.

9 Watchdog Man Looks After The Most Dangerous City

Even to diehard fans of the series, Watchdog Man is a mystery. Is he a man or a dog? Whatever he is, he’s undeniably powerful. The Rank 12 hero looks after Q-City, known as the most dangerous city based on the average disaster level of the Mysterious Beings who show up there.

Because of this, Watchdog Man has earned the respect of Q-City’s inhabitants, who trust him to defeat any enemy that turns up. His effortless victory against Garou gave fans a glimpse of his true abilities, and many feel like One-Punch Man has yet to scratch the surface of what this hero can do.

8 Saitama Is Respected By Fans But Not By Heroes Or Monsters

Saitama Wins For The Nth Time

If only they knew what Saitama was capable of, world peace could be achieved. The protagonist of the series, Saitama, is the strongest character in the One-Punch Man universe and arguably in all of anime. With one punch, any enemy can be defeated and Saitama can return home to play some video games.

Fans are aware of the Caped Baldy’s immense power, but his respect practically stops there. Slowly but surely, some heroes are starting to understand his immeasurable strength, including Bang and Flashy Flash. But Saitama remains a B-Class hero, partly because of his look and because his heroic feats have been claimed by King. Until his secret is out, Saitama will remain disrespected.

7 Flashy Flash Is Known As The World’s Fastest Hero

Flashy Flash really does live up to his name. He is recognized as the fastest hero in the Association and can take on some Dragon-level threats, depending on the matchup. He is a product of the legendary Ninja Village and is known by villains like Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and both Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind of the Monster Association. Due to his immense skill, the shinobi has climbed to S-Class Rank 13.  According to fellow hero Darkshine, if Garou fought Flashy Flash, he would likely die before he could even perform any of his techniques.

6 Metal Knight’s Capabilities Are Mysterious Yet Feared

Metal Knight OPM

The fact so many respect Metal Knight despite his true strength being a mystery is a testament to his current achievements. He was listed by the Monster Association as one of only four heroes capable of defeating Elder Centipede. The extent of his weaponry arsenal is unknown, even to the Hero Association, and it’s this unpredictability that makes others fearful.

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However, not everyone respects him. Some heroes dislike how human life is secondary to Metal Knight’s desire to test his latest gadgets. On several occasions, the hero tried out some new equipment and when it failed, he simply gave up. His disregard for human life leads other heroes to question his place among their ranks.

5 Atomic Samurai’s Skill With The Blade Has Earned The Respect Of Almost Everyone

Atomic Samurai is an unrivaled swordsman and highly respected hero. Many admire his dedication to his craft, as he’s spent countless hours perfecting his skill with a sword. It’s this commitment that helped him rise to S-Class and become one of the few heroes capable of defeating a Dragon-level threat on his own.

Fans of the show have seen him in action against powerful aliens, effortlessly slicing through Mysterious Beings who, moments before, were confident they could defeat humanity. Atomic Samurai is an old school legend who’s earned every last bit of respect he gets.

4 King Might Be A Fraud To Fans, But Not To Anyone Else

Whilst fans of the show are aware that King is a fraud, to everyone else, he’s the strongest man alive. Monsters flee once they hear the sound of the famous King Engine, unaware that it’s just a byproduct of extreme anxiety. King is credited with multiple kills, but the true hero was always Saitama.

Both the Monster and Hero Associations believe King is capable of taking on a Dragon-level threat. Those aware of King’s true self still respect the likeable hero, just in a different way. He’s an optimist with a positive outlook on life who often gives Saitama useful advice. And he does technically possess the ultimate power: summoning Saitama whenever he wants.

3 Bang is Recognized As The World’s Greatest Martial Artist

Silver Fang Martial Art

Bang’s respect within the martial arts community is practically unrivaled. Alongside his brother, Bomb, Bang is recognized as the greatest martial artist alive. But it’s not just the martial arts community that appreciates the hero.

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Bang is beloved by the public and feared by Mysterious Beings, which explains his rise to S-Class Rank 3. He’s another of the few heroes capable of defeating a Dragon-level threat all on his own. When he speaks, other heroes listen. Even Garou, despite his antagonistic nature, respects his former master.

2 Tatsumaki Is The World’s Greatest Esper

Anime One-Punch Man Tatsumaki Stern

The world’s greatest esper and S-Class Rank 2 hero, Tatsumaki is proof that you don’t need to be liked to be respected. Her cold and unwelcoming persona ensures others keep their distance. However, when a Dragon-level threat appears, heroes and citizens alike know they can rely on the Tornado of Terror to take care of business.

Audiences have witnessed the hero take down an entire alien spaceship and practically defeat the strongest member of the Monster Association. Many believe Tatsumaki to be invincible, and there hasn’t been a reason to doubt as much just yet.

1 Blast Holds The Position Of Number One Hero

The way others speak of Blast, it would be reasonable to assume he’s nothing more than a legend used to scare monsters and keep them from wreaking havoc — he’s a monster’s boogeyman. Blast is deeply respected by the Hero Association, with those in charge believing him to be the only one capable of defeating a God-level threat.

Even more impressive, he’s respected by Tatsumaki, a hero notorious for her refusal to acknowledge anyone but herself. Blast’s true power remains a mystery and his appearance in the webcomic was brief, but fans did see the hero outspeed Flashy Flash and kill a monster with little effort.

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