10 Pokémon Who Can Take A Punch From Saitama

Saitama, also known as One-Punch Man, is famous for being able to defeat his foes with a single punch. He is the strongest character in the series and has yet to be defeated in combat. His great strength supposedly is the result of rigorous, daily training that was so intense that it made all of his hair fall out.

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His massive strength makes him superhuman, and most people who take his punches do not survive. Although he can easily defeat people, aliens, and robots created for combat, there are some Pokémon who would be able to withstand a single punch from him. This is thanks to their abilities, moves, and even their Pokémon type.

10 Shedinja: It Has Wonder Guard (Which Makes It Invulnerable To Ineffective Attacks)

Shedinja In Pokemon Go

Shedinja is a bug and ghost type of Pokémon. It only has a single hp, but if it were expected to take a punch from Saitama, 1 hp is more than enough. This is because Shedinja has the ability Wonder Guard.

Wonder Guard makes the user completely invulnerable to any attacks that are not super effective. Besides super effective attacks, status effects, recoil, and weather are able to hurt this Pokémon, but it wouldn’t have to worry about those things if it is only taking a punch, even if it is from Saitama.

9 Cloyster: It Knows Protect (Which Prevents Damage)

Cloyster looks up at a thrown Pokeball

Cloyster’s shell is impressively durable. Multiple Pokédex entries describe the shell as indestructible, as it is harder than diamonds. The shell is impossible to open when shut and can withstand the force of bombs and missiles.

Cloyster can naturally learn the move Protect, which would be crucial if it had to defend itself from Saitama’s punch. Protect completely defends the user from all types of attacks, so Cloyster wouldn’t take any damage.

8 Gengar: Is A Ghost Type (Which Means It Is Immune To Fighting-Type Moves)

Gengar grins

Saitama has punched quite a few things, but he would have a hard time punching a ghost. Gengar is able to move through solid objects and even possess people if it is feeling mischievous enough. It particularly likes to hide in the shadows in order to terrify people.

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Saitama would have a hard time punching any ghost Pokémon, but Gengar in particular would be vastly entertained watching Saitama try.

7 Pidove: It Knows Detect (Which Means It Can Avoid Damage)

Pidove flying

Pidove is a very common Pokémon. It is friendly towards people, but it isn’t very bright. It doesn’t understand its trainer’s complicated commands, and sometimes it even forgets it received a command in the first place. However, Pidove can learn the move Detect if it levels up enough.

Detect, like Protect, can prevent the user from taking any damage from the enemy. Saitama wouldn’t have the heart to attack such a nice Pokémon, but if he did, it would have a good chance of surviving.

6 Arceus: Is The God Of The Pokémon World

Arceus rears back

Arceus is the god of the Pokémon world, described as the being that shaped the entire universe as well as the world. It even created the legendary Pokémon Dialga, Giratina, and Palkia, who are unable to defeat Arceus even if they combined their strength.

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Arceus is powerful enough to create things, make things disappear, and is even able to stop time. It is hard to believe that Saitama would be able to destroy something with that kind of power.

5 Aegislash: It Knows King’s Shield (Which Decreases The Impact Of Enemy Attacks)

Aegislash in a raid battle

Aegislash has a defensive form, which it switches into when using defensive moves. It holds its shield up in front of its sword form, and this allows it to decrease the impact of any attack.

King’s Shield is a move that is exclusive to Aegislash. It is able to protect the user from any move that is not a status move, and lowers the attacker’s attack if they attempt to use a physical attack. This move would not only protect Aegislash from Saitama’s punch, but weaken him as well.

4 Deoxys: It Can Regenerate

Deoxys in its attack form

In its defense form, Deoxys has one of the highest base defense stats in the games. It has a crystal organ in the middle of its chest, which is this Pokémon’s brain. Although it may take a while for it to fully regenerate, Deoxys will be able to recover from Saitama’s punch as long as the crystal remains intact.

Even when Deoxys lost its body in a fight against Rayquaza, it was ready to battle again a few years later.

3 Turtonator: It Is The Only Pokémon That Knows Shell Trap

Turtonator with its back to its opponent

Turtonator’s shell boasts surprising high power and high defense. It is a fire-type Pokémon that lives in volcanoes. There, it lives on a diet of sulfur and other volcanic minerals. This combination is what makes its shell so dangerous. The materials make this Pokémon’s shell explosive, so any enemy that tries to physically attack it will be blown away.

This shell would be able to surprise Saitama, as well as lessen some of the impact of the punch.

2 Bewear: It Knows Endure (Which Means It Can Survive Any Attack With A Single HP)

Bewear opens its arms for a hug

Bewear has an adorable appearance, but it is actually considered to be the most dangerous Pokémon in the Alola region. Even when it tries to be friendly by giving its trainer a hug, the Pokémon Moon Pokédex warns that unless it is taught restraint, a hug could be deadly.

By leveling up, Bewear can learn the move Endure, which allows it to survive any attack with a single hp. Although the move is less effective when used in succession, it would help Bewear to survive against one of Saitama’s punches.

1 Roggenrola: It Can’t Be 1 Hit K.O.’d

Roggenrola in a forest

Since Roggenrola looks like a small rock, it is easy for its opponents to underestimate it. Trainers who first encounter it are always surprised to see that even if they have a much stronger grass, fighting, or water type, none of them are capable of taking this Roggenrola down in one hit.

Even Saitama would be no exception, thanks to Roggenrola’s passive ability, Sturdy. Sturdy protects the Pokémon from all 1 hit K.O. attacks.

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