10 One-Punch Man Characters Who Could Beat All Might At His Peak

A hero who can be relied on to win the day with a smile on his face, My Hero Academia‘s All Might is by far the strongest character the series has seen. At the peak of his career, the Symbol of Peace was in a league of his own, which allowed peace to be maintained.

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In the One-Punch Man universe, things couldn’t be more different. The Hero Association is constantly failing to protect the world’s people, partly due to how disorganized they are, but also because of the immense strength of their monster opponents. Both sides have tremendously strong members, and it is certain that more than a few of them could not only tangle with All Might but also end up on top.

10 Marugori (Beefcake) Demolishes Cities Effortlessly

The first really threatening monster to appear in the anime, Marugori is to date the largest humanoid in the entire show. His power, while only displayed for a moment or two before Saitama snuffs it out, is catastrophic.

With a single flick of his hand, the brawn of the “Brains and Brawn” duo is able to wipe D-city. If All Might were to take on this bio-enhanced behemoth, he would have to dodge constantly or be turned into a pancake.

9 Gold Spermatozoon Has The Strength Of Trillions

One Punch Man Gold Sperm Webcomic ONE

Only seen in the webcomic, Gold Spermatozoon consists of 9,999,999,999,999 individual Black Spermatozoons and is the only monster to ever beat Tatsumaki in a 1-on-1 fight. It can move so fast that even S-class heroes lost sight of it, and it fought on a nearly even playing field with Garou in monster form. Even All Might would fall to the strength of trillions. Hopefully, this penultimate form of the Monster Association officer will find its way into the manga’s retelling.

8 Geryuganshoop Manipulates Gravity

While not particularly durable, the alien invader Geryuganshoop boasts incredible psychic powers. His ultimate move, “Telekinetic Shower of Rubble,” launches debris at sub-light speeds directly at a target, while his other attack multiplies gravity hundreds of times at a single point. If he were to get the jump on All Might, the Symbol would be pinned to the spot and overwhelmed. However, if All Might were to land a clean hit on the monster, the battle would probably end with his win.

7 Garou Endures & Overcomes

garou one punch man

While Garou’s current state in the manga would hold him back from keeping up with the Symbol of Peace, his monster form as seen in the webcomic grants him an extra boost to all of his abilities. If not for Saitama, it’s likely that he would have slaughtered all of the Monster and Hero Association big shots. His fully realized inner monster combined with his incredible endurance and capacity for growth would allow him not only to tango with the eighth bearer of One-For-All but possibly give him the win.

6 Psykos/Orochi Has Powerful Versatility

While the combination of Psykos and Orochi only appears in the manga, the impact it had on its surroundings cements it as one of the strongest entities in the series. Boasting a gigantic frame and impressive regenerative powers due to Orochi’s cells, the creature also has Psykos’ psychic abilities.

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After rising from Z-City’s underground it took the combined efforts of not only Terrible Tornado and Genos, but nearly all of the S-Class heroes to take it down. This antagonist would give All Might a thrashing, even at his strongest with its combination of long and short-range attacks.

5 Terrible Tornado’s Power Has A Long Range

Comics One Punch Man Tatsumaki Tornado Powers

Terrible Tornado’s range of attack alone is enough to rule out All Might having any hope of winning a confrontation. It doesn’t matter how strong the eighth One-For-All bearer is physically if Tatsumaki can snag him from miles away and crush him before he has a chance to retaliate. She could even just fling a meteor or two at him, and that would get the job done fairly well. While her powers are shown to have definite limits, All Might wouldn’t pose much of a threat to One-Punch Man‘s strongest psychic.

4 Blast Stands At The Top

OPM Blast Warp Infinity Saitama Flashy Flash

While it is still unknown exactly how strong Blast really is, his exploits and the little audiences have seen of him indicate an incredible presence. His ability to evade the creator of the communicator cubes he collects, his ability to warp, and his extreme strength and speed make it clear exactly why he was the number one hero.

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Everything that was part of the human hero society bored him. It is more than likely that if Blast is as powerful as his infinity symbol portrays him to be, All Might would be toast.

3 Boros Utilizes Planet-Busting Strength

boros One Punch Man

Geryuganshoop’s boss and Saitama’s most powerful foe to date, Boros would undoubtedly wipe the floor with My Hero Academia‘s Symbol of Peace. His speed in his Meteoric Burst form comes somewhat close to Saitama’s, and his power level spikes to crazy heights. He literally kicks Saitama to the moon. That feat of strength combined with his Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon attack, which would’ve destroyed the entire planet if not for Saitama, would be enough to finish All Might handily.

2 Saitama Is Simply Overpowered

Saitama Defeats Another Guy

The One-Punch Man himself has a lot in common with All Might. Both are the strongest heroes in their respective worlds, rely on punches, and have never lost an important battle at full strength. Unfortunately for All Might, Saitama out-muscles him in every way, outclassing him in strength and speed.

It’s arguable that All Might has more smarts, which would help him a little, but not enough to bridge the gap between the two.

1 God Is An Incalculable Menace

God in One-Punch Man

The mysterious source of Homeless Emperor’s power, and speculated creator of the mysterious communicator cubes collected by Blast, the actual strength of the being dubbed “God” is not yet known. It seems to reside in some other plane of reality, appearing only to certain people and either offering them strength or draining them dry. In addition, it far surpasses Disaster Level: Dragon, and could annihilate any single being not blessed with near-infinite power. All Might would stand no chance.

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