10 Anime Teams Saitama Can Defeat All On His Own

Saitama is the protagonist of the popular anime One-Punch Man and possibly the strongest character in anime history. A product of a comedic anime, Saitama defeats all of his opponents in one punch. That’s not to suggest his opponents are weak, in fact, they’re often incredibly strong, capable of wiping out entire cities if allowed.

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It’s just that Saitama is that strong, possessing strength that would make Goku jealous. He can even take on an entire team and be victorious. Some of the most popular and powerful anime characters would meet their end if on the receiving end of a super-serious punch from Saitama.

10 The Members Of Taka Are Well Balanced But Lack Sheer Strength (Naruto)

A team formed to aid Sasuke in his quest for revenge, Taka was deemed capable enough to join the Akatsuki. The team thrives due to its well-balanced members. Karin’s excellent sensory skills helped detect nearby enemies, whilst Suigetsu and Jugo’s impressive combat skills complement Sasuke’s strength. A testament to their effective teamwork was when they pushed Killer Bee into his eight-tails form. However, outside of Sasuke’s genjutsu, the team stands no chance against Saitama. He’s too strong and too fast for all members of Taka.

9 The Phantom Troupe Might Cause Saitama Some Problems (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X Hunter Phantom Troupe

The Phantom Troupe are a powerful group of Nen-using bandits who desire the world’s greatest treasures, and they’re willing to kill to get what they want. Ruthless and fiercely loyal to one another, the Troupe is the ultimate team. Furthermore, Nen is an incredibly diverse power and each member’s skills work harmoniously towards their goal. However, Saitama’s speed and strength are levels above any Troupe member. Most would only last seconds against the hero and the fight depends on what powers Chrollo has collected during his lifetime.

8 The Seven Deadly Sins Combine Potent Offense With Impressive Defense But Still Come Up Short (The Seven Deadly Sins)

With their leader Meliodas, the Seven Deadly Sins spend their time combatting the forces of evil. They’re an incredibly strong team consisting of a fairy king, a giant, demon royalty, a near-indestructible human, and a man whose power increases with the height of the sun. Combined with their sacred treasures, the sins are a force to be reckoned with. If facing off against Saitama, they still wouldn’t stand a chance. Ban might be close to indestructible but a serious punch from Saitama would be more than he could handle. Even a peak Meliodas and full-strength Escanor lack the firepower to compete with the Caped Baldy.

7 Surpassing Their Limits Won’t Be Enough For The Black Bulls (Black Clover)

Black Clover Black Bulls

The Black Bulls are a group of oddballs who have developed into incredible mages. Whilst others ridiculed them, captain Yami recognized their potential and it paid off. Against Saitama, the Bulls might be diverse enough to trouble him.

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Vanessa’s fate manipulation would keep them in the fight for a while and it’s possible Yami’s dark magic is strong enough to cut through Saitama’s durable body. But then again, Saitama moves too fast for pretty much anyone. The Black Bulls would lose but it wouldn’t be a walkover.

6 Despite The Hashira’s Extensive Training, They’re Still Only Human (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer is an immensely popular series with powerful yet vulnerable characters. Demon slayers put their lives on the line to hunt demons, many falling victim to their sworn enemy. The Hashira are the strongest of the Demon Slayers, only troubled by the strongest of demons. Their extensive training has rewarded them with brilliant swordsmanship and increased speed and strength that rivals any demon. However, at the end of the day, they are still just human. The Hashira have plenty of scars due to their battles with demons, whilst Saitama fights planet-destroyers without receiving as much as a scratch.

5 The Aogiri Tree’s Lack Of Teamwork Would Hurt Their Chances (Tokyo Ghoul)

A team made up of the most powerful ghouls, the Aogiri Tree is a terrorist organization working toward building a new world that doesn’t vilify ghouls. They’re an excellent team, often successful in their missions. The members provide a balanced offense and defense and combine it with intelligence and ruthlessness. Their one glaring issue is loyalty, as some members tend to prioritize their own needs over the collective objective. Whilst ghouls are strong, humans (armed with impressive weaponry) can prove to be a match for them. Saitama possesses god-like power and would surely be too much for the Aogiri Tree.

4 Team 7 Might Be Saitama’s Toughest Test (Naruto)

By the end of Naruto, all members of Team 7 have developed into elite shinobi. Furthermore, they’re a team that complements each other’s strengths and mask one another’s weaknesses. Sasuke and Naruto possess incredible firepower and their skillsets are equally vast. Sakura can provide medical support throughout whilst offering further physical strength if required. And whilst Kakashi no longer possesses the raw power of his students, his analytical mind and battle experience would prove vital. A combined effort from the group would force Saitama to fight seriously.

3 The Survey Corps Bravery & Determination Doesn’t Make Up For Their Shortcomings (Attack On Titan)

When under the leadership of Erwin Smith, the Survey Corps operated as a well-oiled machine. Erwin was a tactical genius, leading successful missions beyond the wall despite the overwhelming odds against him. Factor in his right-hand man and humanity’s strongest soldier, Levi Ackerman, and the Titans didn’t know what hit them. But the Survey Corps are humans and they experience great loss at the hands of the Titans. Saitama would ruin the team if necessary. But if they ask nicely, he might take care of their Titan problem.

2 The Hero Association Remains Unaware Of Saitama’s True Power (One-Punch Man)


The Hero Association is made up of the strongest heroes in the One-Punch Man universe. The best of the best are s-class heroes, and they are incredibly strong. There are heroes who travel faster than sound, those possessing indestructible skin, and one has access to an army of robots capable of destroying the world.

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Despite this, Saitama is superior to them all—a fact very few are aware of. The caped baldy has the strength to wipe out the entire Hero Association. His only possible competition is s-class rank 1 hero Blast, whose true powers remain a mystery.

1 The Zoldyck Family Is Too Careful To Confront Saitama (Hunter X Hunter)

The Zoldyck family is an infamous group of Nen-wielding assassins whose name alone is enough to send people running. The head of the family, Silva, and his father Zeno, are wickedly strong characters with mastery over their Nen. There’s also the sadistic Illumi and prodigious Killua, making this family one that shouldn’t be messed with. However, as assassins, the Zoldycks never take on a mission they deem too risky—and fighting Saitama would be the ultimate risk. Sometimes skill isn’t enough to overcome brute force, and Saitama is blessed with limitless power.

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